Quality Testing
24th Oct 2020
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Skills That Quality Analyst Should Learn To Upgrade
Every company in the IT sector requires a team of highly qualified and talented Quality Analyst. It is quite essential for every software project to have a Quality Analyst in order to make the project a success. You must be knowing that a single bug in the software can cost...
29th Jun 2020
6 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Quality Analyst Certification Course
Most of the software testers might have considered the question, “Is it necessary to pursue the QA Certification Course?” once in their career. The idea of enrolling into the QA certification course is quite exciting for beginners as well as experienced. Who Can Benefit From Pursuing QA Certification Course? Pursuing...
30th May 2020
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Learn Software Testing 5 Tips for Beginners
Software testing is the process of checking whether the software or website or application is bug-free and it meets the user requirements and expectations efficiently. In other words, it is checking the quality of the software or website or application. A minute glitch or bug in software has the potential...


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