24th Oct 2020

Skills That Quality Analyst Should Learn To Upgrade

Skills That Quality Analyst Should Learn To Upgrade

Every company in the IT sector requires a team of highly qualified and talented Quality Analyst. It is quite essential for every software project to have a Quality Analyst in order to make the project a success. You must be knowing that a single bug in the software can cost millions and leave your business in a devastating condition. In order to avoid such scenarios, companies hire the best Quality Analysts so that they can easily test the software, detect the bugs, and fix them before the software gets released in the market.

So every aspiring Quality Analyst must focus on acquiring some of the best skills that help them in delivering the work that is professional and accurate. If you are an experienced Quality Analyst, then your focus should be on upgrading the skills. 

The quality analysis skills you acquire will help you in getting a good job, getting a promotion to a higher level, gain knowledge, experience, and in the end a good salary. When all Quality Analysts strive for excellence, businesses are more likely to deliver exceptional products and services to their customers. So let’s discuss what are some of the important quality analyst skills:

  • Focus On Details Of The Project: When you are attentive to each and every detail of the project, you can ensure that all your tasks are completed according to the business’ specifications. It will ensure that the accuracy level of the work is maintained and prevent major problems from occurring further while executing the project or releasing the software. Besides, you can prevent tasks from being redone or revised to meet requirements later.
  • Time management: When you are able to manage your time, it shows how meticulously you handle each and every assigned task. Moreover, you will have adequate time to deliver the work to the desired quality standard. Time management skills help in reducing work stress. It can help you to complete your responsibilities and others to meet the project deadline. You will improve the quality of software which will in turn increase the revenue.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Problem-solving skill is the most important skill that will help you find solutions if you are struggling to meet the required quality standards. When a Quality Analyst has a skill set that is a combination of creativity, logic, and critical thinking then it builds confidence to overcome all the challenges.
  • Effective Communication Skills: Most often people think that a Quality Analyst’s job is isolated work and does not need any communication with any other person. But the fact is that the software Quality Analyst needs to communicate effectively with their team,  clients, and those outside their role, especially when it comes to discussing issues with development. Having good communication skills will assist you in conveying your message to the team, to the senior executives, and to the clients. Having the ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical people is necessary when it comes to delivering the project with accuracy and precision.
  • Having An Ability To Work With The Team: A QA must have the ability to easily collaborate with different members of a project team such as developers, business analysts, designers, senior executives, team lead, and client. It is considered as the best characteristic of a QA professional to have the potential to work closely even outside of their expertise to ensure a successful product at release.

Quality Analyst Must Have Basic As Well As Fundamental Knowledge & Must Keep Upgrading It: IT is a sector where every now and then you can see innovations bring new changes in the way software is developed and tested.  

  • Every Quality Analyst must have the ability to automate test codes by making use of one or more automation tools including UFT/QTP, Katalone, Microsoft Coded UI, Ruby, Selenium, etc.
  • Quality Analysts should have knowledge of different types of software applications such as  Packaged Software, Web Applications, Windows-based applications, Web Services, Mobile applications. This software helps them in performing testing with accuracy.
  • Quality Analysts must be flexible to work with different types of QA/Testing tools and technologies. Azure DevOps or TFS, JIRA, SOAP, UI, etc.
  • Quality Analysts must have hands-on experience to develop Standards and Procedures to identify the exact product quality. 
  • A tester/ Quality Analyst should be able to discover bugs within software applications using their domain knowledge.
  • A Quality Analyst should have the skills to perform manual and automated testing. Moreover, they should have the knowledge to design Test Plans.
  • Apart from the above points, QA should have a proper understanding of Software Development Life Cycles.

Every Quality Analyst must keep upgrading these skills to be at the top of the industry. So what to do if you wish to upgrade your Quality Analysis skills?

Joining Training Institute:

Well, whether you are an aspiring Quality Analyst or an experienced one, enrolling in the best training institute will help in building a career path and upgrading your position in the company. You have access to certified courses where you would be learning the basics of software testing and then the advanced level. You will be getting the opportunity to work on live projects, which will provide you a great experience. Moreover, you would be having proper knowledge that will help in the understanding of testing approaches that can be integrated into the software lifecycle so that functional and easy-to-maintain products are designed and delivered with accuracy.


When a candidate has acquired quality analysis skillsets then, it helps them to move ahead in their career path. You can easily incorporate a quality assurance skillset in the project that you are assigned and observe how smoothly you can do everything within a stipulated time and with accuracy. The above-mentioned are some of the best skills that a Quality Analyst must possess. When the company’s main goal is to create and deliver high-quality products, a Quality Analyst plays a vital role. To achieve the desired software outcomes and create an excellent product, you need to learn these skillsets as they are necessary to move the product to the finish line.

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