29th Jun 2020

6 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Quality Analyst Certification Course

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6 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Quality Analyst Certification Course

Most of the software testers might have considered the question, “Is it necessary to pursue the QA Certification Course?” once in their career. The idea of enrolling into the QA certification course is quite exciting for beginners as well as experienced.

Who Can Benefit From Pursuing QA Certification Course?

Pursuing a certification program is beneficial for both freshers and experienced software testers. For freshers, the certification course can help them in kick-starting their careers. For experienced testers, the certification course can help in developing new skills that will take them a step ahead in their career.

QA Certification Course

#1 What Is The Importance Of the QA Certification Course?

  • Nowadays, certification is considered as a very important tool to reach a knowledgeable and skilled employee base.
  • Enrolling into a QA certified course helps you gain practical skills that you use in the job.
  • Certification programs follow a curriculum that focuses on the knowledge and skills that are required in the corporate sector.
  • Certification is quite important as the certification courses are designed in a way to meet industry requirements.
  • It is a fact that learning is a lifelong process. Having a QA certification not only helps professionals refresh their basic knowledge but also to keep up with new processes/techniques coming in.

#2 What Is The Salary Aspect of Certification?

Well, as per a survey, it has been stated that the candidates who have a proper certification can get better job opportunities as well as salary. The certification can increase efficiency as they would be more skilled and qualified to accomplish a particular task.

Positive Aspects Of Certification:

#3 Candidates Stand Out From The Crowd: Having a proper certification in Quality Analysis, will give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Although real-time knowledge is important, having the certification will increase your efficiency. You will definitely have a distinct advantage over the candidates who haven’t qualified QA certification.

#4 Most Important Reason – Get Your Resumes/CVs Selected During Initial Screening: Most often it happens that the hiring managers will select or consider the candidate who has proper certification. A certificate encourages confidence in the candidate before the actual interview happens.

#5 QA Certification – A Mark Of Knowledge: Having a qualified certification ensures that even if the candidate does not have any experience in Testing, he/she has a basic understanding of testing concepts and knowledge of standard testing terminology. Generally, in most of the firms, the initial screening of the resumes is done by the non-technical person and if you have mentioned the QA certification, it will make the difference. Moreover, it will make your resume look professional.

#6 QA Certification Is Important Even For The Experienced Person: If you are working on the same technology and looking for growth in the same firm, it is always better to be ahead of your competitors. If you do a certification in QA, you would have confidence that you are better than others. QA Certification across an organization ensures deep testing knowledge and testing practices. The most fundamental benefit is that it allows skilled testers to find the right defects with the right amount of effort.

Certification gives you an opportunity to learn new skills in the same field. Well, it is quite understood that you might be working on the same skills for several years, but when you wish to change your skills, certifications can really help you out. Suppose you have been working on a particular type of testing and wish to learn something new in testing, then applying for QA certified programs or courses can provide a new set of skills that you can develop.

Getting a certification will help in keeping you updated about the standard testing definitions and updated technology. So even if you haven’t worked on it, you gain knowledge about it.


Sometimes you might assume that your certification might not give you any extra benefit with regards to salary or an increased package, but it is not so. During promotions and salary hike, the employees who have proper certification are given more preference as compared to others. Moreover, it will definitely put you ahead in the race.

Just consider yourself as a hiring manager and think of the below scenario–When two equally skilled people with the same profiles and work experience apply for the same job–whom will you prefer? You would definitely prefer to go with the one with certification. Hence it is always better to go for a certification course to gain a competitive edge in job market and workplace.

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