Digital Marketing
15th Nov 2022
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Is email marketing effective as a digital marketing tool
There are different digital marketing tools, and email marketing remains one of the most potent advertising media on the internet. You can take your business to new heights if you use email marketing. What is email marketing, exactly? Email marketing is a digital marketing tool that provides a direct marketing...
15th Oct 2022
digital marketing sales funnels
In the digital marketing industry, sales funnels are critical concepts that can propel your company to new heights. As an entrepreneur or business owner, understanding sales funnels and how they work is essential for quickly growing your business. What Are Sales Funnels in Digital Marketing? A sales funnel for digital...
15th Jun 2022
Digital Marketing Interview Questions
The IT industry is growing at a faster pace. There are many fields that offer job opportunities to freshers. Out of all, which is the most trending and in-demand stream in the IT sector? Digital marketing is a trending stream. Every student aspires to be a part of the IT...
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