24th Feb 2018

Why is Laravel training important for Web developers?

Why is Laravel training important for Web developers?

Laravel is a popular open source PHP framework. It is considered to be one of the best frameworks for web development especially for ecommerce websites. Laravel has great features and a lot of extensions and is a very successful PHP framework.

Laravel training is in a lot of demand these days for aspiring developers and even well-established developers. It is important to be properly trained for Laravel to create stunning websites. Here we have listed the reasons why Laravel training is important for Web Developers.

  • MVC architecture: Laravel works on MVC architecture thus the documentation is neat, understandable and very organized. There are also in built functionalities and improved development architecture that make it distinct. A good training academy can make you well aware of this.
  • Laravel has an internal templating engine: Blade. It is a powerful and lightweight engine, preinstalled in Laravel for improved performance. Developers can learn to use this engine wisely with proper Laravel training.
  • Database migrations are extremely easy with Laravel. This is yet another reason Laravel is the most preferred PHP framework among developers.
  • In the latest version of Laravel, responsible interface feature has been added. It is a class which is used to implement the interface which can be returned by using controller method.
  • Authentication has become simpler with the latest version of Laravel. Authentication is very essential for any web application and developers spend a lot of time writing authentication code.
  • Inversion of control (IoC) from Laravel is a very powerful tools as it manages class dependencies. This removes hard coded class dependencies. It is one of the most used features of Laravel.
  • It has become easy to approach routing with Laravel. The route can be triggered in the application with good flexibility and control to match the URL.
  • Laravel has a database query builder that is created to run databases queries conveniently and fluently.
  • Laravel makes it very easy for the developers to perform common programming and development tasks like RESTful routing, queue analysis, session and authentication. Only a few other PHP frameworks can perform this task.
  • Laravel has a unique feature MPS (Modular Packaging system) that allows to ease the process of web application development as well as moderation in the best possible way.
  • Laravel also has an extremely powerful feature named “Homestead” which is packaged vagrant box that lets the developers begin the development task without requiring the installation of PHP. HHVM and web server. The overall development time reduces and one can deliver apps with faster turnaround time.

For a web developer it is important to have Laravel training to stay ahead of competitors and be successful. For a good web developer, it is important to understand all the guideline and fundamentals clearly and give total dedication toward training.

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