23rd Jul 2018

What Are The Key Learning Areas For Android You Need To Learn From Your Training Institute?

What Are The Key Learning Areas For Android You Need To Learn From Your Training Institute?

Some android smart home apps, Chat-bots, voice initiated apps and artificial intelligence in internet business, are just a portion of the innovations appearing to be a piece of the world of smart phones. The fundamental objective of all them is to make our lives simpler. We as a whole utilize our cell phones and applications as a feature of our lives, regardless of whether we utilize it for diversion, for being more profitable in our occupations or for shopping. In this way, it is not wrong to state that we rely upon the Application Developers to do numerous things in our day by day lives today.

Putting resources into training is putting resources into your future, along these lines picking a profession that will give you a great job perspective is a decent call to make. Above other popular professions like doctor, dentistry and medical caretaker expert, the best occupation in 2018 is Software Developer.These experts are in great demand and are required to earn more than $100,000 every year. Android development is the part of software development and there are a lot of key learning areas that a developer needs to learn from a training institute to become the expert android developer.

Learning Android App Development is an awesome activity since it opens the way to a considerable measure of job opportunities. There is a tremendous demand of programming experts and the installment is very great. Concerning, in the event that you are intrigued on this specific area you may get your android development training from Smart Mentors ( as it is the best Web Education Institute in Gujarat (India) and is one of the top website designing courses.

    However, as an android developer the key learning areas must be:

  • Activity and Fragment Lifecycle

  • Difference between Aysntask and IntentService

  • What is content providers

  • Difference between Picasso vs Universal Image Loader vs Glide vs Fresco

  • Passing data from one fragment to another fragment (most imp)

  • Difference between Retrofit vs mcxiaoke/android-volley

  • Difference between Service and Broadcast Receiver

  • Difference between Thread and AsynTask

  • Passing data from activity to fragment and vice versa

All these things are important to understand and learn if you want to be an expert android developer. So, make sure you choose a training institute that also give knowledge about all these key areas.

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