15th Jun 2021

Steps To Becoming A Successful Web Developer

Steps To Becoming A Successful Web Developer

With the fast growth of the web development industry, many are asking how they can become a web developer. At this moment, the question shouldn’t be how to only become a web developer but how can you become a successful web developer.

It is very important to come to this realization because many people are out there who are web developers, but only a small proportion of them are successful. In this article, we will show you the steps to becoming a successful web developer.

Are you passionate about web development?

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Passion means a strong emotion that can be barely controlled. It is not passive but active, and it’s a pursuit to act.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I excited about the thought or idea of creating web applications and websites?
  • Would this be an exciting career for me?
  • Would my commitment to web development align with the lifestyle I desire to have for myself and the people close to me?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then be rest assured that you are on the right path to becoming a successful web developer.

What are your reasons?

This is also one of the important questions you need to ask yourself. Why do I want to become a successful web developer? Are your reasons to:

  • Make a change and difference to the lives of people around you?
  • Build projects for others or yourself?
  • Earn a decent income?

These and many more are common yet integral reasons that can help you achieve the dream of becoming a successful web developer. Your reasons will serve as motivation to you when you feel tired, upset, or distracted.

What are you interested in?

Are you inclined towards logic and solving problems or visual and design?
If you choose the former, you will learn and prefer back-end web development more, while you will enjoy front-end web development if you choose visual and design as your area of interest.

Backend programming is the programming behind a website, in which the programming can’t be seen. Imagine a server with a large hard drive containing all the website’s information in an unknown location that is processing all the site’s data and then transmitting it to the browser.

Front-end programming is about all that can be seen, interacted with, and can be clicked on a website.

Formulate a plan for action

Once you’ve been able to determine what you are interested in and what you’ll enjoy doing, then it’s the right time to create a feasible plan that will enable you to take action. How much time is available for you to study? How willing are you to invest in learning?

Formulate a plan that will help you. Write out how many hours you can afford to spend each day. Determine how much money you are ready to invest in learning either front-end or back-end web development or both.

After much research has been done and decisions have been made on what you want to learn, you should have been able to draw out a systematically scheduled training outline that looks similar to this;

  • Learn CSS and HTML
  • Learn design fundamentals and Bootstrap.
  • Create sites making use of Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML.
  • Learn JavaScript
  • Learn advanced JavaScript
  • Build websites making use of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • Concentrate on building a personal portfolio website and creating a personal brand
  • Contact organizations and businesses to create free websites for them. This will enable you to get more experience.
  • Concentrate on improving your knowledge and see what you must work on
  • Possess a minimum of 5 client websites on portfolio
  • Learn the fundamentals of freelancing and the essentials of business
  • Contact potential clients, advertise your work, apply for a job, and get paid by your clients.


If there is a desire in you to be great at what you do, such achievement requires sacrifice and dedication.

After setting your schedule, the next step is to follow through with your plan. Acting requires that you take concrete and practical steps towards actualizing your formulated plans. Desist from complaining about not having enough time, don’t get easily distracted by frivolous activities that don’t add to your knowledge, and stop procrastinating. No matter how difficult it might be, be disciplined to follow through with your daily, weekly, or monthly plan.

Social Media

You must build and boost your presence online, and the use of social media platforms is one of the places you can build it. Ensure you have a profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Learn UI and UX

Learn UI and UX development training in surat

The knowledge of UI AND UX is important if you want to become a successful web designer. The majority of web developers are not web designers, because they are entirely two different skills.

You must know that learning the basics of UI and UX design will enable you to have a better understanding of how a website should work. This will help you keep more users on the website and assist them in finding the exact thing they are looking for.

Communicate with Others Online

Join online communities like Twitter chats, Facebook groups, and other online outlets, and ask questions that will be of great help to you. Also, you should ask and answer questions on platforms like Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow.


Being focused for an hour without any distractions is better than four hours of being distracted by YouTube notifications and WhatsApp messages. Eradicate everything that can cause distractions and be productive for a focused time frame.

Never Give Up

People who are successful in their respective fields experienced failure before they were able to achieve success. One undeniable attribute successful people have in common is that they never give up. Whenever they encounter failure, they always find a new and better means of doing things until success is achieved. Never give up on your purpose, aspiration, and dreams.


Being successful is not a walk across the park. It requires dedication, commitment, and discipline. These soft skills are some of the most important skills you need to become a successful web developer.

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