28th Feb 2020

Key Android App Development Trends To Follow & Implement

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Key Android App Development Trends To Follow & Implement

Android Apps came into being in 2008 and has scorched the mobile applications trends in years gone by with about 3.9 million apps installed across iOS, Android and other Apps. Android Apps have been subject to huge amounts of development changes with the coming of age of new technology. Since it is survival of the fittest, you need to develop new trends in the vast business spectrum to help develop new-age apps to deter competition and beat the competition.

If you have a radically new business app and want to beam it across to the world, you need to develop an interactive mobile app over Android. Android holds sway over largest number of apps, more than iOS and any other operating system in the market.

Organizations are generally are driven towards Android because it is less time-consuming and is easy on the pocket.

Few android development trends in 2019 include:

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain Technology has garnered widespread acclaim in the industry and has earned itself a reputation in the finance industry. For one, WIkipedia works on Blockchain Technology. With Blockchain Technology, multiple users can access records and write information on them inviting community of users to monitor how information is published and updated. Every single one will have access to the records as in wikipedia and can control information transfer to the site.

Mobiles are set to leverage Blockchain technology to overhaul the decentralized currency system.

Artificial Intelligence:

Similarly, AI has already made inroads in the medical and manufacturing industry with this technology having been present since ages, but still a newbie to android development with many manufacturing industries to explore.

Artificial Intelligence will relay events as they happen or as in real time and Machine Learning (ML) will educate you about the newly installed machines and their software in a manner easily understood.

This year, the markets will observe a surge of on-demand applications addressing several target groups. This will factor a free run of other apps apart from the usual hyperlocal and food delivery market applications that you generally use.

It is only with on-demand apps that your business will survive the competitive market and drive market output with repeat buyers.


Wearables are the next applications that have made a foray into the market with smart watches and VR gadgets ruling the roost.


Of late, chatbots have entered the race for delivering engagement over apps such as Skype, SIRI and hike which deliver messages from individuals acting on their behalf. Chatbots such as Mobile Monkey on Facebook answers your curiosity level with automated answers around marketing and customer care.

Security Parameters:

Security is being compromised with hackers and scamsters infiltrating mobile networks hence Android developers are developing more secure releases with multifold work going into data security.

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