8th Apr 2017

Job Opportunities After Becoming A Web Developer

Job Opportunities After Becoming A Web Developer

With the growth in the number of internet users and websites, the demand for web development professionals is at an all time high. There has been a steep rise in the requirement of web developers in India and abroad. Irrespective of the sectors, the need for web development professionals is reaching new heights. Besides the creation of a new website, web developers are also required for maintenance and up gradation of existing websites.

The prime objective of a web developer is to ensure that the website is up and running. Besides being responsive, the developed website must be cross-functional on all the major web browsers. Web developer should engage himself in periodical testing and updating of the website. With latest changes and development in the IT industry, it is important for the web developer to be in-tune with the latest trends.

The job of a web developer demands both creative and technical skills from you. A web developer must be technically equipped as he is required to write extensive lines of programming codes. It is expected that web developer will build attractive websites with user-friendly design. The website must be user-friendly with easy navigation, organized content and latest programming updates. Due importance must be given to client’s products and services. The whole idea of building a website is to target the intended customers with appealing design and features.

As said earlier, the sectors where a web developer can be appointed varies from large corporations to small businesses and from private firms to government organizations. Depending on the size of the organization and the scale of work, the number of web developers is decided. The work of a web developer goes hand-in-hand with web designer as their combined effort only can create attractive and user friendly website. Some of the sectors in which web developer can be employed are IT consultancies, software houses, web design agencies, advertising agencies, web portals, online gaming companies, media outlets, marketing firms, etc.

As a web developer, you can be engaged as a full-time employees, part-time consultants, or work on a contract basis as freelancers. Web developer has to work as per the need and requirements of the customers. Though the job responsibility of a web developer in a bigger organization is well-defined, he has to handle a variety of positions/roles in smaller organizations. After working for first few years and depending on the skills and talent, the web developer is promoted from junior to senior web developer. Your experience, skill and knowledge will be your greatest support in this web development industry.


As mentioned above, skill and knowledge in this field are the measuring rods on which your salary will be decided. There is a vast difference between the salaries of web developers on the basis of their experience, technical skill, job role and the company they are employed in. With a starting salary ranging from anywhere between Rs.30,000 to Rs.40,000 per month, it can go upto Rs. 75000 or even more. Remuneration is not an issue in this field if you have the requisite skill and knowledge. So, spread your imaginative wings and cruise on this path of becoming a web developer.

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