14th Aug 2020

How To Develop Your Career As A PHP Developer?

How To Develop Your Career As A PHP Developer?

With the advancing technologies, the IT industry is booming with a wide range of job opportunities. But what is the main focus of these leading IT corporates? These days students are well-aware of the opportunities and choose a career path that has immense growth in the coming years.

What is PHP?

According to the authentic PHP website, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open-source scripting language which is widely used for web development. PHP language is getting popular day by day. It is considered as the most adaptable language in the field of web development. It allows designers to create updated functionalities that keep the end users hooked. Its extensions and plugins help new developers cope with programming challenges.

The leading IT companies make use of PHP language for developing web applications. Why PHP? Well, PHP is a language that is easy to learn and understand the programming aspect of web applications.

Besides the simplicity aspect of the language, there are other reasons why leading IT companies are getting attracted towards it.

PHP Doesn’t Cost You Anything: PHP is an open-source framework, meaning that it is free, handy and supported by loads of documentation. All of it makes PHP one of the popular scripting languages that have found its way into applications like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, WordPress and more. Being open-source also means that PHP is available for developers who want to test their coding skills.

PHP Based CMS: PHP websites are fully customizable and can be easily transformed to meet the requirements of the customers. This easy transformation is due to the reason that Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others are primarily based on PHP.

PHP Is A Versatile Language: Developers and designers can easily run the PHP code on all significant platforms so that they can coordinate the sites in its different stages.

If you have decided to develop your career as a PHP developer, then you have come to the right place. Read to know the future scope of PHP developers in the coming years.

How To Become A PHP Developer?

A qualified professional PHP Developer is a software developer who has specialization in designing, testing, and implementation of software using the PHP programming language. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), a scripting language, enables the developers to write dynamic code generates content quickly and is commonly used to add additional functionality to web pages.

Education Qualification Required For Developing a Career in PHP

PHP developers focus on developing websites, various web applications, and programs with the use of scripting language – PHP.

Education qualification required for an eligible PHP Developer – Bachelor’s degree in computer science(preferred). If you have a master’s degree in computer education (M.C.A or other equivalent degrees) would also be helpful in the long term. A common 4-year degree program in Computer science is most relevant as it has the following courses in-built into it.

  • Web programming
  • Data Structure
  • Algorithms
  • Computer architecture
  • OOPS
  • Operating Systems

What Skills Must You Have As A PHP Developer?

To be a good PHP developer, you must have certain important skills. Here’s a list of the most needed expertise and talents:

  • PHP
  • Candidates must know Ajax, jQuery, and MySQL
  • APIs, Unix/Linux, and MVC Framework Architecture.
  • Understanding CakePHP- an open-source web framework, and PHPUnit- a unit testing framework.
  • Photoshop or a similar design tool
  • Good communication skills
  • A knack for problem-solving
  • The ability to think critically

Well, you might be thinking that the last three skills mentioned are not technical skills. Yes, it’s true, those are soft skills. But they are equally important skills associated with your personality traits which will help to understand the requirements placed by the client better and you can also communicate better with clients.

If You Are Already A PHP Developer But Looking For Growth:

In such scenarios, you must focus on upgrading your skills as well as creative knowledge. You can enroll yourself in PHP training institutes that will help you in upgrading your knowledge as well as assist you to explore new high-in-demand skills. Even your company would appreciate your newfound skills and help you seek new high-profile projects.

Why Developing a Career In PHP Would Be Beneficial For You?

PHP developers are in high demand due to the immense growth of online businesses. Here are some things that you should consider that will explain to you why you should choose to be a PHP developer.

1. PHP Is The Best Web Development Tool: If you choose to become a professional PHP developer, your career would have immense potential. PHP language is considered as the primary language in developing a website by tech giants such as Yahoo, Facebook, IBM, etc.

2. PHP Language Is Easy To Learn: You might be knowing that the syntax of PHP is based on Java and C, which makes it easy to learn. You can learn PHP from numerous online courses provided by reliable educational websites, or you can join a training institute to explore and learn PHP. Moreover, you can explore the real-world case studies, and live projects available online can effectively demonstrate the functionality of PHP language.

3. PHP Is An Open Source Language: Being an open-source language, PHP is 100% free. PHP developers make use of a wide range of web servers (Apache) and databases (SQL) to build web applications.

4. PHP Language Supports OOPS Concept: Just like Java and C++, PHP supports Object-Oriented Programming through inheritance, polymorphism, and data encapsulation. As a result, if you are experienced in these languages, learning and adopting PHP will be quite easy and convenient.

5. Availability Of PHP Framework: One of the most important reasons for the popularity of PHP is the availability of frameworks. PHP frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, Zend, etc. support code reusability. This reusability allows you to quickly develop applications with minimum errors.

6. PHP Language Is Dynamic and Flexible: PHP is a flexible language and the applications designed in PHP can be configured and customized as per the requirements of different clients. Since it is an open-source language supporting code-reusability, you can quickly implement different elements of Graphic Design in an existing application.

7. CMS Development: Developing A Content Management System (CMS) is effortless in PHP. Freedom to customize applications in PHP makes it the most favourable choice for CMS development.

What Are The Job Opportunities For A PHP Developer?

Nowadays, more and more companies are looking forward to shifting their businesses online, which means that there will be a huge demand for PHP developers in the coming years. To get a job in renowned IT sectors, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology/Computer Science. Before joining any institute, you can even get a professional PHP training from various institutes.

Why Is It Essential To Get PHP Training?

PHP training is considered important for anyone who is looking forward to growing his/her career in the IT Industry. Getting a full-fledged PHP training before joining any renowned IT industry would make you achieve your career goals faster.

Training Courses Benefits:

#1 The The PHP Training Course You Would Learn About Development Of Web Applications: The developing and designing aspect is mandatory for any website. It allows a website to run smooth operations without any bugs and glitches. But to maintain such, it requires the hands of professional web developers. Proper guidance for you in the PHP Course will allow you to get the exposure that you are looking forward to receiving.

#2 PHP Training Will Help You To Stand Out From The Crowd: The certified PHP course can definitely add the stars in your resume. With that, you get preference in getting the job you want. The competition out there is tough, and having a few good skills with you will surely help you in both the short and long run.

#3 Getting A Job As PHP Developer And Secure It: With a proper certified training course from a reliable institute, you can not only find a job easily but also secure it. Having proper PHP skills will assist you in understanding the requirements and allow you to develop and customize any website according to the requirements.


As our reliance on technology would continue to increase, the IT sector would be booming with huge job opportunities for skilled and talented candidates. As IT technologies evolve, IT professionals are expected to witness double-digit growth annually. You can secure a job in the IT sector as a PHP developer with proper education qualification or by enrolling in professional PHP certification courses followed by an internship experience.

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