16th Jun 2017

How To Become Google AdWords Certified Professional

How To Become Google AdWords Certified Professional

Recently, Google changed the way the certification program works. Google AdWords Certification is a plus if you want to become an expert in PPC. A disclaimer is that passing the exam does not make you a certified professional. Our institute is the best digital marketing institute in Gujarat where we also offer other courses to compliment Google AdWords. These courses include basic and advanced SEO courses, SMM training classes, and SEO training in Surat.

Previously, the cost of the test was $50 while the process of getting the certificate was different. Now, the test is free. You can take the test, but if you fail, you will have a period where you will wait in order to take the test again.

  • The Google AdWords certification program has been rebranded to ‘Google Partners.’
  • Access the Google Partners website via this link
  • When it comes to taking the exam, there are three sets available
    1. Advertising Fundamentals
    2. Advanced search
    3. Advanced display

Clearing any of the two exams makes you a certified professional, where Advertising fundamentals is a mandatory exam.

After passing the exam, Google will allow you to showcase the certification to the world. A printable version will be available after you access it from Google Partners login. If you want to put it on your resume, you can use a link to share it on the resume or onto other websites. You can also have it verified on My Profile page, and set the visibility to public in order for other people to see it.

Use the same Google account that you use to access Google Plus just to make things easier.

You will need to prepare for the exam just like any other exam. There is a study guide available on Google Support Page. If you go through it thoroughly, you will certainly pass the exam with ease.

Once you have become a certified professional it’s time to put your new title to practice.

Consumers spend a lot of time on the internet and less time on other media sources. As an advertising expert, you will need to place ads on the eyeballs of consumers. Unfortunately, it is not a simple task to market products online compared to the traditional marketing strategies. There is a growing demand for digital marketing experts who are certified Google AdWords experts and possess other digital media marketing skills.

Once you have your certification, you can start from any level of practice. However, the certifications have only provided you with the fundamentals and the basic structure of digital marketing, you are not ready for a position like Digital Marketing Manager. The expertise in digital marketing comes from practice and experience.

Start practicing digital marketing from the time you are certified. You can start practicing at home – all you need is a good computer, a stable internet connection and few bucks to use.

You can start off with a blog that will cost $50 for domain registration and hosting.

  • Learn how to write SEO optimized articles in your blog
  • Install Google Analytics tracking code and see if you are getting traffic to your blog.
  • Open AdWords account and keyword search to see what consumers are searching for in Google to assist you to write a blog.
  • Write and post some articles
  • Open a Facebook dedicated page to your blog
  • Promote the page by Facebook adverts

This is a nice way to kick-start your journey as a professional in the field of digital marketing.

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