20th Nov 2020

How To Become A Web Developer — Everything You Need To Know

How To Become A Web Developer — Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays technology is applicable in each and everything right from the simplest mobile application to various inventions. Even the dynamic websites and software that we use on a daily basis are built by web developers. All these attractive designs of the website and features available on the website are because of skilled web developers who have hands-on experience in developing a wide range of software and websites.

Due to this, the demand for web developers is increasing in the market. More people are aspiring to become web developers. But only a few of them get this opportunity. Why?

Well, because most of the time the aspirants are not sure about where to start, what courses to learn, and how to get themselves placed in IT companies.

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For most people, the web development field might appear like a complicated, inaccessible, and confusing field. But it is not so. You just need to focus on the right things at the right time.

So let’s move ahead to make understand the process stepwise.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Web Developer?

A highly skilled web developer is responsible for designing as well as developing dynamic and attractive websites and a wide range of web applications. They make use of a variety of programming languages and technologies that help in managing the functionality of the website, implement advanced features, and also integrate security measures.

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Different Categories Of Web Developer?

There are three different categories to segregate the web developers”
Front-end developers
Back-end developers
Full-Stack Developers

Generally, front-end developers are also known as client-side developers. They make use of a wide range of programming languages and frameworks including HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, and JavaScript in order to design the exterior features of the website.

Back-end developers: Back-end web developers would not focus on the design aspect of the website but on the actual structure that is required. Back-end developers would use the programming languages that mainly focus on the development of the website such as python, ruby, java. In simple words, their responsibility is to make the features present on the website operational.

Full-Stack Developers: Well, when a website developer has all the designing and development qualities, then they can be considered as full-stack developers.

How To Become A Web Developer:

Web development is basically a flexible professional field. By this, we mean that aspiring students can easily acquire the training and required experience that is necessary to kick-start their career as a web developer

#1 You Must Choose A Development Specialization: Developing and designing a website have multiple aspects. You must be clear about what you are interested in and would be, and then progress in the same direction. Based on the specific jobs, you, as a website developer, would be making use of using various software programs (e.g. JavaScript frameworks, version control, CSS). Moreover, it will also define the specialized knowledge that characterizes your roles, and also provide an understanding of the process as a whole. So before you just start out, be clear whether you want to be a front-end developer, back-end developer, or full-stack developer. Your thinking clarity will set the stage for future education and training.

#2 Get Yourself Educated In The Specific Field:   You must get an engineering degree qualification in computer science or information technology. You can even opt for BCA and MCA (Bachelor’s and Master’s of Computer Application) if you are aspiring for a career in web development.

Besides this, you can even opt directly for web development training courses without any formal degree. (But it is always advised to have proper qualifications and then go for web development training. It will make your resume stand out from others while approaching a job).

After formal education, you must enroll yourself in reliable and trusted web development training institutes. It is the most important step. At training institutes, you would get to learn a technical understanding of the overall project, enhance your coding skills, and much more. Let’s get to know how training institutes play a significant role in developing your career as a web developer.

How Training Institutes Help In Becoming A Web Developer?

There are many web development training institutes that will help you in gaining the required knowledge to become a web developer. They will start with basic knowledge and then increase the level after each learning phase. You would be given practical knowledge of all the important programming languages that would be helpful in the design and develop the website.

Moreover, you would have the opportunity to work on live projects where you would get to know how to be efficient and also meet deadlines. You would also get exposure by communicating with the clients, where you would learn problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

#3 Finally, You Need To Launch Yourself In The Highly Competitive Market: After getting yourself educated and well-trained; you have made yourself industry-ready. You have enough experience as a fresher looking to work ahead as a web developer. So you must develop a resume that covers all your education, expertise, and experience that you have gained to date. Upload these resumes on various online job portals. You can even attend campus placement events to find the best job for yourself.


Web developers are high in demand and due to this, they are at the forefront of the Internet age. Everything that you see on the internet, e-commerce sites, online sites, news websites, and various other web applications is all because of the designing and development skills of the web developers. Aspiring to become a web developer is easy, but you must follow all the important aspects like proper education and training to make yourself stand out from the crowd and land yourself in good company.

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