19th Oct 2017

Graphic Design Is About Communication, Not Drawing

Graphic Design Is About Communication, Not Drawing

If you think to become a graphic designer your drawing skills will count, then you are WRONG, it’s not about drawing but communicating. Whether in terms of thoughts or ideas you just need to present your message in an understandable format so that the same could be drawn and given a concrete shape to make a perfect design. Your thought and output should match, that becomes the premise of you becoming a graphic designer. The designs can be sketched by professionals you just need to polish your thoughts and give it for execution.

1. Leverage Technology

When your drawing skills fail, a computer or tablet can be a blessing for you in the form of saviors, composing good art has little to do with drawing. There are many designing softwares available in the market which allow you to apply your creative vision in a virtual form successfully.

“One way to create good art without drawing is by finding or taking an image, importing into Adobe Illustrator, making it a template, adding a new layer and creating outlines with the pen tool.With the advancement of technology, one can brush up their drawing skills with respective programs and products available to help become a better drawer.

2. Use Good Communication Skills

The ability to effectively communicate a message to your audience is more important than drawing. For that you need to be an expert communicator and not drawer. Clear communication of the message to the audience will always outperform the beauty of the design.

“Graphic design is about communication, not drawing. It is the means to create an emotional connection to a message and elicit the desired action from the reader”.
“The designer’s job is to identify and be able to articulate the point of a message, the essence of a brand and how they are advanced by the idea you are presenting.”

3. Learn The Basics Of Design

Mastery in Graphic designing as a career requires many skills, which unlike drawing need to be taught. To excel as a graphic designer, you need to master everything from how to operate design software, color theory, typography, composition, user experience (UX), the psychology behind marketing and so much more. These fundamentals of design are things you’ll acquire in most graphic design programs.

“While you don’t have to be a Picasso or Monet, you do need to understand the basics of design, all of which can be learned”. “Graphic design differs from fine art when you consider the technical knowledge that a graphic designer needs.

4. Practice Simple Sketching

Graphic design may not require professional drawing skills or a fine art background, with simple sketching, the point is to think about the message conceptualized by you and then draw simple figures to showcase it. Essentially, all a designer needs to know is how to sketch out basic design content without getting into the technicalities of the same.

5. Find Your Niche In A More Technical Field

One can be successful regardless of their drawing talent. Graphic design has become such a broad field encompassing various roles ranging from the technical and analytical to the visual and illustrative, if you’re not good at drawing and even basic sketching and don’t aspire to be, you can focus on the more technical fields like user interface design and UX design.

So never fear your amateur drawing skills, plunge into the field of graphic design with your innovative and unique ideas and make the most out of the designing softwares available which even beat the traditional pen and paper drawing. Graphic designing is a rewarding career, you may never know what lies ahead.

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