5th Oct 2017

Digital Marketing Is A Proven Recession Proof Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Is A  Proven Recession Proof Marketing Strategy

Be it any business recession had proved to be a demon for all, by taking a big time plunge on revenue streams of businesses, due to which many had to avail to cost cutting techniques like salary reductions, innumerous employees losing their jobs, some businesses faced disinvestments and some others were closed entirely. Recession became all pervasive at each level of management hierarchy thereby making the survival difficult, revenues were at an all-time low but somehow the businesses needed to be continued. Where cost cutting was followed for every department, the marketing department had the tool of digital marketing in their hands, which has proved to be recession proof marketing strategy, because marketers did not have to resort to traditional marketing, they had the power of the internet on one hand and their creative advertisements on the other, which were floated all over social media channels. This helped businesses not to incur extra costs on marketing efforts and yet have the results handy with adequate ROI. The certain advantages of digital marketing cannot be over looked which are:

  • Reduce cost
  • Simple to measure
  • Greater client appeal
  • Brand development
  • Greater engagement
  • Can attract genuine prospects which later convert into lead
  • Helps to manage and uplift the business and the launch
  • Cost effective and easy to measure the ROI
  • Helps to build greater brand development by targeting large audience.

Where the traditional medias of marketing fail to do justice with creativity, message receptivity, message interpretations, and above all lead generation. Digital marketing is free from all these flaws in the ways below:

  • It has a wide reach, in just a single click the intended message reaches millions of people
  • It can be as creatively designed as possible, and lacks long standing commitments too i.e. the design and content can be changed several times as compared to static ads
  • Use of latest technology in digital media marketing campaigns creates an impression that the marketing company knows about the latest technological developments and believes in upgrading itself as per the demand of time.
  • It delivers messages with the right intentions and interpretations as customers have the liberty to leave comments about their queries, feedbacks or suggestions if any
  • Digital media marketing tools are more accessible. Therefore, the rate of response is far higher in comparison to the traditional media

Not just that, a digital marketing campaign would cost much lesser than traditional marketing at any given point. Digital Marketing also opens doors for viral and interactive marketing. With many platforms like social media, email, gaming, etc. and seamless usage on all devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs and gaming consoles, digital marketing has a far wider reach amongst heterogeneous audiences than any other mode of marketing. This makes the campaign and the marketer omnipresent and also reach out to masses. The early adopters of new online marketing platforms like social media marketing will have a significant head start over their competition. So, whether recession or not, businesses must keep the life jacket of digital marketing always on.

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  1. One to One Marketing has been the dream for many a marketer over the years and I think an idea has always extensive enough to incorporate proposal for mutually managed relationships. But in marketing, the distinctions of language can be so significant and it may be time to shift our terminology to reflect the new interactive, customer-empowered reality.

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