7th Oct 2017

Does Digital Marketing Expert Need Programming Skills?

Does Digital Marketing Expert Need Programming Skills?

Highly creative, commercially savvy and digitally literate – are some of the attributes required of marketers in 2017. And the list doesn’t stop there. Over the past few years there have been a growing number of calls for marketers to add ‘competent coder’ to their skill set.

But is coding really intrinsic to a marketer’s job, and if not, should it be?

As marketing becomes inherently more analytical in nature, rooted in rich data and insight, marketers need to understand how their websites function in order to better optimize the customer journey.

The digital marketing activity is fast evolving. The trends so far signal more disruptions of the digital landscape in the coming years ahead. In the skill sets required of a digital marketer, coding is seen by many marketing professionals as not too essential or the exclusive domain of the technical team of the organization.

Digital Marketing doesn’t require you to possess coding skills. But there are lots of benefits to knowing coding when it comes to SEO.

  • Better Communication With The Development Team – knowledge about basic coding will place you in a beneficial position to convey what is in the creative folds of your mind. You could easily help the developer understand your specific needs.

  • Room To Experiment – You can change the home page to your slant, incorporate analytics tracking codes, and develop small sites on your own to avoid delay from your developers.

  • Saves A Lot Of Time – You will be able to solve minor issues on your own, like making changes to the Titles or the Metas or tweak keywords without depending on the developer.

  • Tweaking Landing Pages– You can tweak a landing page to your preference, integrate analytics tracking codes, build small website projects without delay from your developer, whether in house or third party.

  • Redesign And Upgradation– When huge redesign and upgrade is required on your company’s site consequently of new digital marketing trends, you can examine effectively with your development team.

  • Competitive Edge– The digital marketing field is moderately new and is changing at a quick pace. A “digital marketer with programming skills” will have good comprehension of marketing tools and their backend, which gives an edge over competitors.

Going an extra mile in your efforts would not prove to be harmful. Nevertheless, learning programming skill is beneficial to comprehend the challenges in front of marketers. Html, JavaScript, CSS, SQL and scripting languages are great help to explore the digital world in more efficient and effective fashion. In case you do not have an inclination towards coding, learning fundamentals of CSS and HTML can help you a great deal since approx. 90% of your tasks can be accomplished by essential HTML/CSS. Embedding Media and formatting and customizing webpages become easy when you have the basic HTML knowledge.

Talking about today’s dynamic market conditions it is important to fully appreciate the speed at which the marketing skillset is evolving. Today’s Marketer needs to be creative, should be able to manage agencies, should be commercially accountable and if you add into that they should also be able to code, these attributes will make him a skilled individual ever in demand.

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