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  • Section 1 - Introduction
    About PPC Ad
    Search Engine Advertising
    Workflow of A PPC Ad
    Calculation of PPC
  • Section 2 - PPC Terminology
    Learning Various Terms of PPC
  • Section 3 - Creating a Keyword List
    Categorizing Keywords
    Building A Keyword List
    Keyword Research Tools
    Keyword Match Types
    Negative Keywords
  • Section 4 - Targeting & Positioning
    Geographic Location
    Language Targeting
  • Section 5 - Writing A PPC Ad
    Creating a PPC Ad
    Market and Audience Research
    Keyword Research
    Build Pay-Per-Click Ad
    Build Landing Pages
    Track, Measure, and Report
    Optimize the Ad
    Elements of a PPC Ad
    Display URL
    Description Line
    Creating a PPC Ad Using Google AdWords
  • Section 6 - Landing Pages
    Types of Landing Pages
    Elements of an Effective Landing Page
    Creating a Well-Formatted and Informative Landing Page
    Testing the Landing Page
  • Section 7 - Bidding & Measuring Results
    PPC Bidding
    What To Be Bid For?
    Factors Affecting Bidding
    Pricing Strategies
    How Much To Bid?
    PPC Bid Management Solutions
    Factors to Confirm Before Bidding
    Measuring Results
  • Section 8 - Google, Facebook & Bing Ad
    Budget & Billing
    Campaign Optimization
    Conversion Tracking
    Understanding Conversion Data

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