Digital Marketing & SEO for Beginners

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  • Course Curriculum

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  • Section 1 - Overview
    How Does A Search Engine Work?
    What is SEO?
    SEO Copywriting
    Search Engine Rank
    Types of SEO
  • Section 2 - Tactics And Methods, Website Domain
    SEO techniques classification
    Website Domain Guru Mantra
  • Section 3 - Relevant Filenames, Design & Layout
    File Naming Style
    Website Design & Layout
  • Section 4 - Keywords
    Keyword Frequency
    Keyword Weight/Density
    Keyword Proximity
    Keyword Prominence
    Keyword Placement
    Finding Keywords
    Word Stemming
  • Section 5 - Metatags
    Meta Description Tag
    Meta Keyword Tag
    Robots Metatag
  • Section 6 - Title, Anchor Optimization
    Optimizing Title Tag
    Optimizing Anchor Tag
    Optimizing Alt Tag
  • Section 7 - Content is The King
    SEO Content Writing (Copywriting)
  • Section 8 - Verifying a Website
    HTML Verification
    W3C Compliance

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