15th Mar 2021

9 Skills You Need to Become UI/UX Developer in 2021

9 Skills You Need to Become UI/UX Developer in 2021

A UX/UI (user experience/user interface) developer must be able to build a meaningful and enjoyable product experience. They investigate or research a target audience’s needs, which will serve as a guide to eventually produce or design products that meet their audience’s needs.

For you to start a career as a UI/UX developer, you need to first develop certain skills. These skills will help you in your career as you attempt to create amazing product experiences. Are you curious to know which are those skills that you need in order to become a UX/UI developer in 2021? This article will you an introduction to those skills. Make sure you read till the end, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Skills You Need to Become a Good UI/UX Developer in 2021

To become a good UI/UX developer in 2021, the following are the skills you should be good at:

1. UI/UX research skills

As a UI/UX developer, you should have the skill of gathering both quantitative and qualitative information about users through analysis and research. The methods that can be used in collecting users’ data/information include a conversation with users in their natural environment, user interviews, issuing surveys, questionnaires, and conducting focus groups.

You should also understand how participants are selected for a focus group and how results are recorded from an unstructured discussion or from an open-ended survey question or questionnaire that won’t make users answer questions in an insincere way. You also need to be familiar with usability test methods like heat maps and card sorting.

2. Prototyping and wireframing skills

Prototyping and wireframing skills

The setup of a webpage that reveals the interface elements that will occur on the key pages is what is referred to as the wireframe. UI/UX developers determine which of the features to omit, which ones to display, where and how to position them, and how they have to be visually presented, to provide the simple and the most efficient user experience.

As a UI/UX developer, you must understand how to denote or indicate UI elements like CTA buttons, images, and menus in diagrammatic form. You also need to be familiar with common prototyping utensils such as Marvel or Invision.

In the design of a product, a UI/UX developer will develop a high-fidelity design, which will be the final mockup of the product that nearly resembles the final product once it is coded and implemented. As a UI/UX developer, you are expected to have the skill to produce wireframes and prototypes effectively and quickly.

3. Visual communication skills

This speaks more about how a website looks and how it feels. If you intend to become a UI/UX developer, you need to learn the skills of visual communication. This skill is an essential skill that will be needed in your career as a UX/UI developer. The effectiveness of visual communication skills is based on minimizing the need for written instructions. You have to rely on making use of visual cues in guiding users and help them to understand the next place to go on the site, how to locate the information they need, and other actions that they can take.

4. UI/UX writing skills

The UI/UX writing skills are a niche specialty. These skills can improve your ability to design and formulate a good experience for users through microcopy. The words we hear or read when we make use of a digital product are a key component of a website’s navigability and total experience. An effective UX writing is useful, concise, and reflects the brand’s tone and values. These writing skills work together with visual design and interaction to build an environment where the user can accomplish their goals.

5. Coding skills

Coding skills

UI/UX developers don’t need to be coding specialists, but they should have basic CSS and HTML skills and be able to make minor website changes. This skill is important because you will probably be testing website features at a fast pace, and you must be able to code minor changes without the help of a coding expert. Coding skills and knowledge enables you to work together with software engineers because you will intuitively understand the constraints of software architecture and be able to create more realistic designs.

6. Analytical skills

A usability test is not yet carried out on a feature or product even if they’ve been sent to production. The job of a UI/UX developer is to continually monitor data on product usability and find ways of improving existing products while making use of data to determine new product ideas. When an app or website is created, they need to be tested. Understanding ratios, percentages, and numbers will help you to evaluate the performance of your design.

7. Information architecture skills

If you wish to become a UI/UX developer, you need to develop information architecture skills — skills like the organization of webpages, conversation pathways within a chatbot, etc. A UI/UX developer needs these skills to organize, label, and properly structure contents for users to locate them. He or she must also consider a user’s need for knowledge and education around a product, particularly when it comes to a tricky software application.

8. Interaction design skills

Successful digital products on instinctive interaction design allow a user to accomplish desired tasks with minimal effort. This interaction design skill consists of elements such as sound, motion, aesthetics, and physical space (how and where the product is used) that influence a user’s interaction with a product. You should be concerned with user flows, information access, and the cogency of the screen layout.

9. Communication skills

As a UI/UX developer, knowing how to speak and present confidently to audiences can help you avoid communication pitfalls, sell your product, and make a positive impact. Communicating well and being articulate doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but you can learn and develop this skill with time and practice.


It can be challenging to pursue a career in UI/UX design; by developing the needed skills, you’ll be able to rise above the competition. UI/UX has become more important over the years, and so, you’ll enjoy lots of rewards if you can pay the price of learning the necessary skills that will help you become a good UI/UX developer.

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