8th Nov 2019

5 Things to Know Before Starting a Career in Android Development

5 Things to Know Before Starting a Career in Android Development

A demand for Technology Experts is on the rise now and this will only foster the demand in the foreseeable future. This especially rings true for the App Android, the world’s most popular mobile system. Over 6k Apps are released to Google Play Store by Android Developers from across the world. Can you beat this? This is a strong reason to believe that getting an upper hand over Android development will guarantee employment in the years to come.

There will be a deluge of questions that pop into your mind such as these: What is it like to be an Android Developer? What are the Core Skills that you need to be proficient in?

There are several responsibilities that define an Android Developer. But the main area of responsibility still continues to be development of the App design and build its functionality. This implies writing code in building a well-laid out architecture. Resolving bugs and maneuvering around them is also a developers role.

Bugs testing will also require your expertise to fix bugs when they come up in your code and bugs come with Android as with code written for all other applications. Gaining thorough knowledge of writing code for applications and related skill sets which are the domain of programmers have to be taken up by developers at short notice.

5 Technical Skills that an Android developer needs to know at the drop of a hat include:

Java Savvy:

You need to have expertise in either of the apps official languages: Kotlin or Java Programming Language. You should gain mastery on Concepts such as loops, variables and lists and Object Oriented Fundamentals.

Familiar with SDK Kit Concepts:

Android Developers should be conversant with Android Developer Kit (SDK Kit)

  1. 1. Basics of Views, View Groups and Layout
  2. 2. User Input
  3. 3. Ways to get data from the web
  4. 4. Storing Data
  5. 5. Action bars
  6. 6. Making apps responsive

You should make yourself familiar with Android documentation skills.

SQL Knowledge

Every app needs to store data in some form or the other and in other words the app should be merged with a database to be able to manage the data. Hence it is but obvious that employers are looking for android developers with a relative skill of SQL which will increase your chances of getting hired.

Knowledge of GIT:

Having a working knowledge of GIT is required for an Android Developer. He need not be A GIT expert but little knowledge such as creating and using repositories and committing changes come in handy for an Android Developer.

XML Basics:

Developers need to have skills in XML (Extensible Markup Language) review used in the development of web solutions. This is a very important requirement in the Android Developers arsenal to access web data and for transferring data to web services and vice-versa.

Today 60% of the total population of India owns an Android smartphone which ensures that a career as an Android App Developer is a stable career option with lots of opportunity for growth. Start Your Career as Android Developer with SmartMentors’ Android Development course. Happy App-Developing!

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