31st Jul 2020

5 Reason You Might Fail To Deliver As A Digital Marketer

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5 Reason You Might Fail To Deliver As A Digital Marketer

Marketing is an incredibly powerful tool that every business needs. In the digital era, digital marketing is something that is essential and becoming very popular. With that, more and more people are approaching to take up digital marketing as their career. But not everyone is a successful digital marketer. Some fail miserably as a digital marketer.

If digital marketing is done right, you can boost awareness of your company brand, increase customer engagements, and drive sales. Your marketing won’t work if the digital marketer is failing to achieve the basic goals. It is a known fact that marketing is a daunting task and requires specific skills and efforts in the right direction. When the marketing efforts don’t work, the digital marketer must understand where the efforts are getting derailed. Discussing the failures is important so that you can avoid these common pitfalls and become a successful digital marketer. Let’s understand what are the reasons that you might fail as a Digital Marketer.

Digital Marketer – Lack of Appropriate Strategy: You might be familiar with the famous proverb – “Failing To Plan – Planning To Fail”. Well, it’s actually true. One of the most important reasons that your marketing isn’t working is because you don’t have any strategy behind your work. You cannot just keep doing marketing activities without giving any thought to the overall business goals. Every business is different and they require different marketing approaches. You cannot generalize the marketing activities and apply them to all the businesses.

Solution: The absolute best way to achieve marketing success is to determine your business goals and build a customized marketing strategy that will work for your business that will help you achieve your goals. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time and money on tactics that will not get you results.

You Have No Understanding Of Your Customers

Are you in touch with your customers on a regular basis? No? If you don’t communicate with your customers, you won’t know about them. Understanding your customers is the key to drive more sales. If you know what they are looking for or what they want – you win the game! If you are a digital marketer, you must be in touch with your customers. Experts strongly suggest that it is important to make time for it now. You must schedule a meeting with your clients/customers to know the changing operational and financial requirements of the business.

Being in touch with your clients will help you to know when and how their business is evolving and accordingly you can change your digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is a measurable process which evolves over time

You Are Using The Wrong Channel To Reach Your Customers: Another common reason that might fail you as a digital marketer is making use of wrong channels or mediums to reach your potential customers.

If your business is marketing through a channel that your potential customers don’t use, they won’t get the message.

For example, if you’re spending your time tweeting but your prospects don’t hang out on Twitter, they won’t hear from you.

Therefore, it is important to know where you are more likely to find your prospective customers and adopt that channel for your marketing tactics. Choosing the right channel will convey your message to the right audience. Nailing this down will help you invest your marketing efforts in the right channels.

Ineffective Calls-To-Action

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s easy to get caught up in simply “doing” social media or content marketing without a thought as to how it will help you drive leads and sales. There are very few digital marketers who actually know how to strategically apply call-to-action. Using call-to-action effectively and in the right place is very important.

Failing To Research Keywords

A digital marketer must focus on the primary keywords of a specific business but do not just rely on those keywords. To promote the business effectively, there is a need for in-depth keyword research. The lack of more in-depth keyword research means that opportunities will be missed–potentially to the point where the entire marketing strategy would fail to deliver the actual purpose of the website.

For instance, if you are choosing keywords for a digital marketing website then some of the primary keywords would be – Digital marketing services, or best digital marketing. But if you want a good list of keywords, then your list would include – top digital marketing services, digital marketing agency, digital marketing jobs, digital marketing strategy, best digital marketing company, digital marketing courses, etc.

Inappropriate Execution Of The Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns can take place through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Google. Your platforms for advertising may differ, but the goal generally remains the same. Some people are looking to get more leads, traffic to websites, or sales. But they make mistakes while executing the advertising campaigns in a proper way. Bad graphic design makes companies look unprofessional and can easily turn potential customers off. Along with graphics, you must also pay attention to the budget of the campaigns. If you are going to embark on a digital marketing campaign, whether it be PPC or otherwise, it’s important to consider a truly impactful budget. Don’t simply spend the money just to run an ad campaign.

How To Succeed As A Digital Marketer?

  1. Understanding the business goals and in some cases the personal goals of the owners/managers.
  2. Using the above-gathered information to help the business build a realistic digital marketing strategy.
  3. Setting clear action items that can actually be implemented by the business given their available resources in the form of time, people and money.
  4. Using available tools to capture data.
  5. Implementing regular monthly management meetings where marketing discussions are led using real data, where action items are discussed and set, and where quick decisions turn marketing into a fluid, responsive tool which changes based on data, business needs, and market needs.


Digital marketers need to become aware that digital marketing is essentially traditional marketing with new tools, approaches, and strategies. The basics of marketing remain the same. Marketing still requires patience and long-term thinking. Marketing still requires an understanding of the target market, competition, creating a simple marketing message that is consistently delivered to the right customers.

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