11th Oct 2019

5 Most Underrated WordPress Plugins

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5 Most Underrated WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a very flexible and intuitive platform for web designers. It does not require extensive knowledge of HTML or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to publish content on the WordPress tool. Any mediocre content writer who has a cursory knowledge of SEO and content editing can post an article or blog on WordPress. Similarly WordPress plugins architecture allows users to extend the functionality and features of a blog or website.

As of 2019, has 55,131 plugins available. These plugins customize the website and tailor the sites according to their specific requirements. WordPress Plugins are written in PHP language and merge seamlessly with WordPress. Among the many plugins that keep appending itself to the site, one cannot ignore some very underrated WordPress plugins that render useful functionality and features to the website. They include:

Head Meta Description:

The meta keyword tag has long since outlived its usefulness and is no longer being used by search engines but meta description tag still exerts some influence. However having the same meta description tag on all the pages will not rank the topic high in SERP pages. Hence this plugin is very important and serves a dynamic meta description tags for every page on your blog based on post excerpts or on first word on the page.

Dust Archives:

Most blogs have a side navigation where the blog posts have a detailed section while falling into the track where each individual posting is displayed month by month.


Many plugins or WordPress features require you use some code however WordPress will not recognize the code. Exec-PHP is the required solution and once enabled, it will find PHP code on all pages of the blog. This is the most reliable plugin available for this purpose.

Chunk URLs:

Whenever you are faced with a cryptic and long URL, which will take place in the comment section making the entire comment section look ugly, you can expect this urls to break the design of the website on some browsers. This plugin will truncate the lengthy urls into a small one and you can even specify the amount of characters the output should contain.

Jerome’s Keywords:

This is similar to the ultimate tag warrior and is much more user friendly. Once the plugin is installed, you will be able to tag individual posts and create an internal tag system and tag clouds. More importantly, you can figure it out to generate a dynamic Meta Keyword Tag.

Thus there are many plugins like Ad sense Deluxe, Yoast, All in one SEO and Akismet which are very popular amongst plugins.

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