22nd Feb 2019

5 Important Certification Courses in Web Technologies to Shape Your Career

5 Important Certification Courses in Web Technologies to Shape Your Career
  1. 1. PHP Programming
  2. PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages. PHP developers are software engineers who create websites, programs, and applications using PHP. Learning and getting certified in PHP programming could shape your career and make many companies in the software industry want to employ you. Some of the companies that need the services of PHP developers are software companies, technology companies, and web design firms. According to experts, as of January 2016, PHP developers earned a salary that is around $60,000.

  3. 2. UI/UX designing
  4. UI design stands for User Interface Design while UX stands for User Experience Design. The UI design is similar to web design while UX design is a more technical field. Both roles are misinterpreted and a lot of people do not know the difference between them; therefore, they have similar salary ranges across tech industries. Choosing any of them could be a step in the right direction that will shape your career. However, there are more opportunities for UI designers because the field is has a more business-driven application and it is more established. The annual salary of UI and UX designers ranges from $44, 000 to $100,000.

  5. 3. Android Programming
  6. The demand for Android programmers is on the rise due to the growth in the mobile phone market. Getting a certificate in Android programming can shape your career in a way that could surpass your imagination. According to Matt Miller, CTO of CyberCoders, “For mobile programmers who specialize in and are familiar with the Android operating system, there is no better time to improve your Android skills and look for a job.” The average salary that an Android developer earns is around $90,000. This is actually a result of a steady increase in salary of the Android developer over the years. This points to the fact that the mobile phone market of which android takes the largest share is growing steadily.

  7. 4. Web Designing
  8. If you have technical ability, creativity, and professional communication skills, then you will find web designing easy and enjoyable. With the increase in the use of mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, the demand for web design and development is expected to rise by up to 27 percent from 2014 through 2022. More websites are going to be created and websites owners are going to need the services of web designers and developers to stay competitive. Getting a certificate in web design will a step in the right direction in your bid to shape your career.

  9. 5. SEO
  10. An SEO professional specializes in mastering algorithms behind search engine results so as to help their clients appear in online searches.

    SEO professionals can become any of the following:

    • Search engine marketer
    • Business Marketing Consultant
    • Marketing Analyst
    • Content Marketer
    • Entrepreneur
    • SEO Manager
    • Digital Marketer

    SEO professionals are in high demand because they help companies stay competitive and their services are vital to the success of many companies. The average salary earned by SEO professionals ranges from $45k to $70.

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