13th Jan 2018

4 Secrets to being a developer

4 Secrets to being  a developer

Web Developer writes codes and runs websites which includes server side code as well as codes that run in web browsers. The server code includes fetching data from databases and services, transforming it into HTML and serving HTTP requests from browsers. There are many programming languages and frameworks that can be used to do this, including PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Java, Ruby etc. Browser code includes rendering web pages, styling it using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), user interactions and linking pages.

Every aspiring developer must have certain qualities that differentiates them from others. The following are the some of those qualities that are looked for in a developer:

Continuous learning

A good developer must be well aware of the fact that he has to be a lifetime learner in order to move forward in career. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, programming languages will update, new one will be released, it is most essential to stay updated. In this fast paced, competitive tech industry, a developer must learn new concepts to stay ahead. The way to do this to constantly set yourself new learning goals and acquire new coding skills to apply on projects.

Never stop creating

For a developer to keep his skills sharp, he needs to keep creating. By continuously creating, a developer can make ensure to be updated as well as create a reputation in the community. For those looking for opportunities, their work will be a testament of their knowledge and if they keep working and creating, will eventually help them.

Discipline and focus

Focus can be crucial for developers but is most essential for desired results. Without discipline, a developer may not be able to focus on the coding which will ultimately result in non performance or less than satisfactory results. A developer must create time bound goals, plan and strategize time as per project requirements and focus on the same. Having a schedule to follow will be helpful in staying focused.

Get comfortable with breaking things

As a developer, you have to accept that you will be creating things as well as breaking things and there will be plenty of times when everything will be running smoothly and then suddenly there’s an error in your code. When that happens it is advised not to panic. Rest assured, bugs and errors happen to developers at every stage of experience. Instead, you’ll need to learn to embrace the problem-solving side of coding. Rise to the challenge and embrace the rewarding feeling when you successfully debug your code. Every time you overcome one of these situations, you’ll learn something new and grow your knowledge.

If you can understand the above secrets and make them an important part of your life and a career as a developer, nothing can stop you from being successful.

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