16th Apr 2021

10 Things You Can Do To Become A Better PHP Developer

10 Things You Can Do To Become A Better PHP Developer

PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. It is a scripting language that is very popular among programmers. It is mostly used by web developers to enhance the appearance and functions of the websites. With the use of PHP, developers can develop applications and programs as well.

PHP is a reliable web development program that is easily accessible to people. To become a better developer using PHP, an individual must understand the most important aspects of it. When a developer grasps all that is needed on PHP, its features, formats, and techniques become easy to use.

PHP Features Developers Should Know

To become a better PHP developer, you must know the features of the PHP platform. These features are:

  • There are so many functions on PHP that will make your work-appropriate and easy.
  • The cost of developing and maintaining the large database it supports is low.
  • PHP is an extendible and open-source scripting language that offers library support.
  • PHP is an independent platform.

To become a better PHP developer, you must be able to use all the features it offers properly. Here are ten things you can do to become a better PHP developer.

1. Use PHP Classes and Core Functions

You can take advantage of the core languages and functions already on PHP if you want to execute something elementary. You can find some of them in various extensions. Ensure that you make use of the codes in simple ways. They must be easy to identify and read from start to end. You can look at the PHP manual before creating your functions.

2. Coding

You cannot become a better PHP developer just by reading or watching someone else code. You only become better when you write the code by yourself. It is a great practice that you do proper documentation when coding. You can do this through commenting.
To become better at coding, give yourself a project that you are interested in attempting. Doing this will help you develop your coding skills and make you better. It is essential that as a developer, you are good at coding.

3. Use OOP

OOP stands for Object-Oriented Programming. It is a type of programming language that changed the style of coding. Once you understand the advantages and basic principles of OOP, its programming becomes simpler, faster, and easier to debug. It uses less code and fewer server resources.

Objects were handled like value types in the older versions of PHP. However, OOP now allows the run-time system to interact with the objects.

4. Keep Code Snippets

Keep Code Snippets

You will be writing more of the same codes throughout your PHP learning phase. It is, therefore, important that you keep most of the codes you write. If you have less time in hand, these snippets of codes can be handy when you want to add features to apps or projects. When you have these saved already, all you need is to copy and paste as and when required.

Some of these snippets may include date format validation, time to words, crop images, automatic word sensors, and many more. You can also use apps like Code Collector or Snippet to keep your codes.

5. Use Configuration Files

To make your codes easier to maintain and more modular, create a configuration file. To help you in the long run, make sure you write your code in style and put them in the proper place.

Having a master file with its setting is better than scattering your database connection settings. The master file can be included in all PHP scripts whenever it is required. If there is a need to alter the details, later on, you can change it on one file. Creating a configuration file is useful when using functions and constants in more than one script.

6. Avoid Over-Commenting

It is a good practice that you document your code properly and thoroughly. This can be done if you comment on each major line of the code. Commenting on every single line of code is not a good practice. The lines of your source code where you should add comments are the complicated parts.

Commenting on codes will make it easier for you to know what is going on when you revisit it.

7. Use a PHP Framework

Use a PHP Framework

The PHP functions have a built-in library with a wide variety of associated inconsistencies and naming conventions. There are different libraries, variables, and functions that are used in this language. This framework will help you become efficient and productive when you learn to use them.

The PHP framework will also come in handy when you need to work with someone or share your code with others.

8. Use a Good Source Editor to Save You Time

You will spend a lot of time on the source editor when developing your programming skills with PHP. The editor you elect to use should have features that will allow you to save time. One of the main features the editing software should have is Syntax highlighting. Others may include built-in debugging tools, code navigation, and code hinting. Using an editor with all of these features will help you save a lot of time.

9. Turn Error Reporting On

Turning on the error reporting will help you identify the error. When you understand where the error is coming from, it will be easier to fix them. These can be set up in your server’s php.ini file. You can later turn off error reporting when you have finished building your application.

10. Connect with Other PHP Developers

If you think you know a fair bit about PHP coding, it is time to enhance your knowledge. Many people possess more knowledge and better skills. Try connecting with an experienced programmer and interact with them. You will learn different ways of doing things when you interact with other programmers.


It takes research and hard work to become a better PHP developer. To save time, use varied tools that are available to you. Interact with other developers to get more insights on several topics. Do follow these suggestions, and you will become a better PHP developer.

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