9th Feb 2018

10 quick tips to become master of Android Development

10 quick tips to become master of Android Development

Want to know what the fuss about Android Development is all about and why it has become the most preferred career path among young IT aspirants? Android development is a process that comprises of creating new applications for devices running on Android Operating system. Android Operating system is the leading OS in the market and millions of applications have been developed for this operating system. A majority of smartphones run on Android OS and thus it has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.

A lot of institutes and training centres have come up to provide courses on Android development. It is easy to say that becoming an Android developer is not difficult but being successful Android developer can be a huge challenge.

Below we have listed few quick tips to master Android development in a short span of time.

Start Reading Codes

Knowing what you have learnt is not enough in Android development. It becomes important to read what other developers are writing. Take up articles and work of experienced developers and read and understand the excellent code they have created. Open source apps and libraries will have a lot of coding techniques and feature implementations that will prove very useful and knowledgeable.

Learn More Languages

It is highly recommended to learn some new programming languages. This is important to stay updated with latest developments in the IT industry. This will help in getting inspired for new ideas and improving Android skills significantly.

Give Online Tests

By giving online tests, you can evaluate your progress and also be prepared for tests conducted by companies while hiring Android developers and programmers.

Learn Android Best Practices

It is of vital importance for any successful android developer to know the best practices of Android development. This will give you an edge over other developers and you will build apps that look good and work efficiently.

Be Realistic

Do not over analyse or over think as that tends to break the realistic flow of work. Do what is realistic and works well for your project and make changes as and when the requirements and situations demand.

Start Small

For any developer, the best way to understand and solve any problem is to break down any complex problem or feature into small and simple components. This way you will be more likely to understand the code and complexity and move towards expansion slowly and practically.

Familiarity With Android Framework

The actual Android framework internals code may be very complex but helps a great deal when you see how things actually work and how different pieces fit together perfectly.

Learn Java Design Patterns

For an Android development career, knowing Java Design patterns can be a life saver in situations where they face a complex programming problem. It will turn out to be the best decision for an android developer.

Learn Android Clean Coding Guidelines

This is very easy as it takes only few hours to grasp the clean coding guidelines of Android and very useful as well.


Any task that takes a lot of time and has to be done repeatedly must be automated to complete work on time and this way a developer can concentrate on other productive and useful activities.

Convert the above tips into action and you will see yourself improving and getting a good exposure. Android development is highly competitive market and has a lot of scope. The above tips can help a developer stay ahead of the competition.

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