22nd Mar 2019

10 Important Reasons Why PHP Will Never Die

10 Important Reasons Why PHP Will Never Die

Even with over 20 years in existence and diversity of more advanced languages available for web development, the PHP language still remains relevant and holds the position as one of the most popular scripting language used for server-side scripting by developers.

But how do they achieve this consistent growth and remain relevant over time? Well here are the top 10 reasons PHP will never die:

1. Ease of learning and Flexibility

With over 20 years to test, troubleshoot and optimize the scripting language, PHP has evolved to become one of the easiest languages to learn and work with. This is possible because of the very flexible coding style that allows developers easily create, update and optimize web pages without constantly running into various errors caused by very strict and rigid guidelines like those used by other languages. This feature makes learning the PHP language very easy as it helps you skip the need to memorize numerous rules and guidelines first.

2. Always Evolving and Developing

PHP has evolved over the years to become quite different from the initial creation far back in 1998. This gradual development as really favored the scripting language as it has managed to always be among the leading trailblazers when it comes to programming languages used for web development. This dedication to consistency in research and code optimization as put them on top while other programming languages that were created not so early ago fade into the background.

3. Backward Compatibility

Backward compatibility is one of the major advantages PHP brings to web developers. This way they can rest assured that the scripting language will continuously provide support for its older ‘legacy codes’ while still ensuring the codes remain scalable. This way no matter the new development added to the language as time passes, developers can simply optimize their codes to add this new features and update their programs without the fear of breaking the entire code or needing to start rewriting the entire code from scratch.

4. An immense library and a large community

With over 20 years in existence, PHP has been able to gather a large following, leading to a very vibrant and helpful online community and a very detailed library that can help both new and old users to easily ask questions, find help or get more information’s that can help them navigate the scripting language and accomplish the completion of their projects and tasks very easily.

5. Documentation

With the constant evolution and improvement of the PHP scripting language, developers have been able to create, modify and optimize the programming language documentation. This way users can easily reference it to get more in-depth knowledge on how the various parts of the language work.

6. Diversity

The PHP language brings all-around compatibility with other languages and easy integration into any environment. This way PHP codes could either be embedded into HTML codes in different capacities, or it can be used in combination with various web template systems, web content management systems, and web frameworks. This feature makes PHP stand out from other languages and hold the position as one of the best programming languages to use for an all-round compatibility feature on a web development project.

7. Speed

PHP was created to be very fast in order to speed up the execution time of your web pages, this makes it the best language to use for your server-side applications and also one of the reasons PHP will never die.

8. Popularity and cost

The popularity of the programming language as led to various compatibility checks and optimization. So no matter the operating system you use or the country you reside in, you will always find PHP works fine for you. This popularity also makes PHP the best language to use while carrying out teamwork projects. PHP is also totally free to use and work with.

9. Debugging

We all know you can’t create the perfect codes without encountering a few bugs here and there, the big question is “how easy is it to debug your codes in your language of choice?” PHP, when compared to other server-side programming languages and frameworks, comes out on top for easy debugging. The language as a wide array of very sophisticated debugging tools that help developers reduce the time spent on debugging and essentially increases productivity.

10. Easy Data Base Connection

Depending on the sector you are creating the web site for, you might need a very fast and efficient database management system that can help you store and retrieve information’s very fast. PHP is the best choice, with a built-in module that helps it in connecting with the database, the programming language comes first in database management effectiveness.

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