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  • Section 1 - Getting Started
    About Classroom in a Book
    Restoring default preferences
  • Section 2 - What’s New In Adobe Illustrator Cc (2015 Release)
    CC Libraries enhancements
    Shaper tool
    Dynamic Symbols
    New SVG Export
    Live Shapes
    Smarter Guides and Spacing
    Other enhancements
  • Section 3 - A Quick Tour of Adobe Illustrator CC (2015 Release)
    Lesson overview of Adobe Illustrator CC
    Creating a new document
    Drawing a shape
    Rounding the corners of a shape
    Applying color
    Editing color
    Editing strokes
    Working with layers
    Drawing with the Pencil tool
    Create shapes using the Shape Builder tool
    Creating a blend
    Transforming artwork
    Drawing with the Shaper tool
    Sampling formatting with the Eyedropper tool
    Placing an image in Illustrator
    Using Image Trace
    Creating and editing gradients
    Working with type
    Aligning artwork
    Working with brushes
    Working with symbols
    Creating a clipping mask
  • Section 4 - Getting To Know The Work Area
    Lesson overview of Work Area
    Introducing Adobe Illustrator
    Starting Illustrator and opening a file
    Exploring the workspace
    Changing the view of artwork
    Navigating artboards
    Arranging multiple documents
    Review Questions and Answers of work area
  • Section 5 - Techniques For Selecting Artwork
    Lesson overview of Selecting Artwork
    Getting started with Selecting Artwork
    Selecting objects
    Aligning objects
    Working with groups
    Exploring object arrangement
    Hiding and locking objects
    Review Questions and Answers of Selecting Artwork
  • Section 6 - Selecting and arranging objects
    Selecting objects
    Grouping and expanding objects
    Moving, aligning, and distributing objects
    Rotating and reflecting objects
    Locking, hiding, and deleting objects
    Duplicating objects
    Stacking objects
  • Section 7 - Reshaping objects
    Transforming objects
    Scaling, shearing, and distorting objects
    Reshape using envelopes
    Combining objects
    Cutting and dividing objects
    About Classroom in a Book
    Creating shapes using Shape BuilderTool | CS6, CS5
    Blending objects
    Building new shapes using the Shape Builder tool
    Creating 3D objects
    Reshaping objects with effects
  • Section 8 - Importing, exporting, and saving
    Adobe PDF options
    Creating Adobe PDF files
    Exporting artwork
    File information and metadata
    Importing Adobe PDF files
    Importing EPS, DCS, and AutoCAD files
    Importing artwork files
    Importing artwork from Photoshop
    Importing bitmap images
    Saving artwork
  • Section 9 - Type
    Importing and exporting text
    Creating text
    Creating type on a path
    Scaling and rotating type
    Spelling and language dictionaries
    Arabic and Hebrew type
    Character and paragraph styles
    Creating composite fonts
    Formatting Asian characters
    Formatting paragraphs
    Formatting type
    Hyphenation and line breaks
    Line and character spacing
    Special characters
    Text and type
    Updating text from Illustrator 10
  • Section 10 - Creating special effects
    Appearance attributes
    Working with effects
    Summary of effects
    Create a drop shadow
    Drop shadows, glows, and feathering
    Creating sketches and mosaics
    Graphic styles
  • Section 11 - Web graphics
    Best practices for creating web graphics
    Slices and image maps
    Creating animations
  • Section 12 - Printing
    Setting up documents for printing
    Change the page size and orientation
    Printing color separations
    Printer’s marks and bleeds
    PostScript printing
    Printing with color management
    Specify crop marks for trimming or aligning
    Print presets
    Printing and saving transparent artwork
    Printing gradients, meshes, and color blends

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