Graphics Designing for Beginners

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  • Section 1 - Getting Started
    Clipping masks
    Drawing pixel-aligned paths for web workflows
    Editing paths
    Painting with fills and strokes
  • Section 2 - Workspace
    Workspace basics
    Tool galleries
    Improved User Interface
    Slicing and cutting tool gallery
    Artboard overview, Using multiple artboards
    Files and templates
    Recovery, undo, and automation
    Rulers, grids, guides, and crop marks
    Setting preferences
    Viewing artwork
    Working with ConnectNow
  • Section 3 - Drawing
    Drawing basics
    Drawing simple lines and shapes
    Drawing pixel-aligned paths for web workflows
    Drawing with the Pen, Pencil, or Flare tool
    Editing paths
    Adjust path segments
    Using Live Trace | CS5 and earlier
    Using Image Trace | CS6
    About Perspective Grid
    Perspective drawing
    Symbolism tools and symbol sets
  • Section 4 - Color
    About color
    Selecting colors
    Using and creating swatches
    Color groups (harmonies)
    Create color themes with Kuler
    Adjusting colors
  • Section 5 - Painting
    About painting
    Painting with fills and strokes
    Live Paint groups
    Transparency and blending modes
    Gradient panel and Gradient tool overview
    Apply or edit a gradient
    Stroke an object
  • Section 6 - Selecting and arranging objects
    Selecting objects
    Grouping and expanding objects
    Moving, aligning, and distributing objects
    Rotating and reflecting objects
    Locking, hiding, and deleting objects
    Duplicating objects
    Stacking objects
  • Section 7 - Reshaping objects
    Transforming objects
    Scaling, shearing, and distorting objects
    Reshape using envelopes
    Combining objects
    Cutting and dividing objects
    Clipping masks
    Creating shapes using Shape BuilderTool | CS6, CS5
    Blending objects
    Building new shapes using the Shape Builder tool
    Creating 3D objects
    Reshaping objects with effects
  • Section 8 - Importing, exporting, and saving
    Adobe PDF options
    Creating Adobe PDF files
    Exporting artwork
    File information and metadata
    Importing Adobe PDF files
    Importing EPS, DCS, and AutoCAD files
    Importing artwork files
    Importing artwork from Photoshop
    Importing bitmap images
    Saving artwork
  • Section 9 - Type
    Importing and exporting text
    Creating text
    Creating type on a path
    Scaling and rotating type
    Spelling and language dictionaries
    Arabic and Hebrew type
    Character and paragraph styles
    Creating composite fonts
    Formatting Asian characters
    Formatting paragraphs
    Formatting type
    Hyphenation and line breaks
    Line and character spacing
    Special characters
    Text and type
    Updating text from Illustrator 10
  • Section 10 - Creating special effects
    Appearance attributes
    Working with effects
    Summary of effects
    Create a drop shadow
    Drop shadows, glows, and feathering
    Creating sketches and mosaics
    Graphic styles
  • Section 11 - Web graphics
    Best practices for creating web graphics
    Slices and image maps
    Creating animations
  • Section 12 - Printing
    Setting up documents for printing
    Change the page size and orientation
    Printing color separations
    Printer’s marks and bleeds
    PostScript printing
    Printing with color management
    Specify crop marks for trimming or aligning
    Print presets
    Printing and saving transparent artwork
    Printing gradients, meshes, and color blends
  • Section 13 - Getting Started with Adobe Photoshop CS6
    Introducing Adobe Photoshop CS6
    Exploring the Photoshop Workspace
    Performing Image Basics
    Understanding Colors, Histograms, Levels, and Curves
    Applying History and Actions
    Using Bridge to Organize and Process Files
  • Section 14 - Working with Camera Raw Images
    Exploring Camera Raw Basics
    Processing Photos with Camera Raw
  • Section 15 - Working with Selections, Layers, and Channels
    Creating Selections
    Learning All About Layers
    Exploring Channels
  • Section 16 - Enhancing, Correcting, and Retouching Images
    Optimizing Adjustment Workflow
    Lighting and Color Adjustments
    Applying Sharpness, Blur and Noise Adjustments
    Cleaning Up Digital Images with Cloning and Healing Tools
  • Section 17 - Using Paint, Paths, Shapes, and Text Tools
    Editing with Paintbrush Tools
    Working with Paths and Vector Shapes
    Working with Text
  • Section 18 - Creating Artistic Effects
    Distorting Images
    Applying Filters
    Combining Images
  • Section 19 - Working with 3D Images
    Creating and Manipulating 3D Objects
    Editing 3D Scenes and Settings
    Using Photoshop Tools with 3D Layers
  • Section 20 - Working with Video and Animation
    Understanding Video Editing Basics
    Animating in the Timeline Panel
    Correcting Video Files and Adding Artistic Effects
    Animating Using Frames
  • Section 21 - Getting started
    Installing CorelDRAW
    Starting and Setting Up
    CorelDRAW Basics
    CorelDRAW Workspace Tour
    Finding and Managing Content
  • Section 22 - Lines, Shapes and Outlines
    Working with lines, outlines and brushstrokes
    Drawing Shapes
    Shaping Objects
  • Section 23 - Objects, Symbols and Layers
    Working with Objects
    Inserting and Editing QR Codes
    Working with Layers
    Working with Symbols
    Linking and embedding objects
    Managing Projects
  • Section 24 - Colors, Fills and Transparencies
    Working with Color
    Filling Objects
    Changing the transparency of Objects
    Managing & Sharing fills and Transparencies
    Using Color Management
  • Section 25 - Special Effects
    Using lenses with objects
    Adding 3D effects to objects
  • Section 26 - Text
    Adding and Manipulating text
    Formatting Text
    Working with Text in differenct languages
    Managing Fonts
    Using Writing Tools
  • Section 27 - Templates and Styles
    Working with Templates
    Working with Styles and Style sets
    Working with Color style
  • Section 28 - Pages and Layout
    Working with Pages and Layout tools
    Working with Tables
  • Section 29 - Bitmaps
    Working with Bitmaps
    Working with Bitmap color modes
    Tracing bitmaps and editing traced results
    Working with RAW camera files
  • Section 30 - Printing & Web Graphics
    Printing Basics
    Preparing files for print service providers
    Creating objects for the web
    Exporting to HTML
  • Section 31 - File Formats
    Importing and Exporting Files
    Exporting to PDF
    Working with office productivity applications
    Supported file formats

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