What are the Pros. and Cons. of using Google AMP?

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      What are the Pros. and Cons. of using Google AMP?

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      Pros Of Using Google AMP

      – Improved User Experience:
      If you use AMP visitors are going to have a much faster load process, and they’re also going to have less of the things that they don’t need because AMP pares down the overall website.

      – Improved Ranking in Mobile-First Generation:
      It stands to reason that building pages to a mobile standard would help your website rank better in Google SERPs as per Google’s latest update on mobile first indexing.

      – Placement in Carousel:
      AMPs also ride in a carousel placed above all other search engine results in Google SERPs. The carousel is horizontal, which allows users to scroll through AMPs sideways; It appears for broad, high-traffic searches.

      Cons of AMPs

      JavaScript & CSS Limitations:
      AMPs contain very small in the way of branding and individuality. That’s in large part because load times suffer greatly when web designers use JavaScript and, to a lesser extent, CSS.

      Tracking Problems:
      AMPs don’t work with your already-implemented tracking. They are stored and tracked differently than standard pages, even mobile-ready ones.
      Tracking needs special effort and resources that you may not have quickly available.

      Serving Cached Pages:
      The pages that appear in search results are handled by Google, which means you’re not even serving up the content you originally created – it’s only a copy of cached version.

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