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      A closer look at a career in front-end web development.

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      As companies are looking for alternatives to improve their websites with rich visuals and powerful interactions of the web there is a huge demand for front-end web developers. As per glassdoor the national median salary for front-end web developer exceeds $75000 and according to Indeed, the average salary of a front-end web developer is 62% more than the average salary of any other posts.

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      What is some path suggestion to learn web development?

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      If you’re thinking to become a web developer, then there are multiple technologies for web development— PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, .net, JavaScript and so on.
      -If you want to go for front-end web development then:
      You need to know HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Bootstrap.
      -If you want to go further for backend web development then:
      You need to know a server-side programming language like PHP, Ruby, Python, C#
      -Node.js is on-demand technology compared to others.

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