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      Are there much career possibilities in technical writing?

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      Yes, absolutely.
      A technical writer not just writes software guidebooks or product guide, he/she also partakes in the DDLC(Document development life cycle) which is really a large domain with many sub-domains.

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      What kind of impact on your lifestyle had as a technical writer?

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      Working as a technical writer grinds your compensation skills, gives you more patience and technical informality. It increases your interest in technology.

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      What are the benefits of choosing a career in Technical Writing?

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      Below are the benefits:
      1. Technical writers learn new things every day
      2. You can use your creativity and great language skills to earn enough.
      3. You can also work from home, as many freelance writers.
      4. While writing for different corners, you will always be able to gain some new knowledge and make money at the same.

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      State some abilities required to be a technical writer.

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      -Ability to write clearly
      -Patience in problem-solving/troubleshooting
      -Ability to interact with Subject Matter Experts.

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      How hard is it to become a technical writer?

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      It’s like playing any musical instrument. It’s easy to start learning, but hard to play it well. It requires the willingness and ability to learn quickly.
      If you love to read and write in the language you are going to write, you are probably good at learning technologies. The chances are high that you’ll do good as a technical writer. Certification is needed to get a job, but studying /learning technical communication can be very helpful to you. The main ability, a technical writer requires: ‘put the most difficult ideas in simple words’. Not just this particular field, if you are passionate about your work, if willingly you’ll perform your best, no any profession is hard for you.
      Of course, Technical writing tools are designed especially for technical writing. But no any machine can perform like a human performs/works.

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