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      How To Use CSS To Separate Content And Design?

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      The thought here is that all sites contain two important parts

      1) Content: Articles, Text, And Photos
      2) Design: Rounded Corners, Colors, And Effects.

      Usually, those two are made in various parts of a webpage’s lifetime. The design is determined at the beginning and after that, you begin filling it with content and keep the design fixed.


      In the HTML document, you put content just, and that link of yours ensures it looks right. You can also use the exact same link on many numbers of your pages, give all of them the same design. Developing the HTML document for a web page should focus on:

      (i) Keyword and Key-Phrase Placement
      (ii) Content Placement Inside The Code
      (iii) Accessibility And Standards Compliance


      Once you have designed the content for a web page and placed it into a clean HTML document, you can move on to design and functionality. To design a web page, you should use cascading style sheets. The reason for using CSS is:

      (i) It allows for easy design changes
      (ii) You can define visual formatting for various devices such as web browsers and mobile phones
      (iii) It does not compete, for search engine purposes, with the content because you’re not using HTML code for the design

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