Preprocessor Directives In C

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      What Are Preprocessor Directives In C?

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      C Preprocessor directives:

      Before a C program is compiled in a compiler, the source code is prepared by a program called preprocessor. This procedure is called preprocessing.

      Commands utilized in preprocessor are called preprocessor directives and they start with “#” symbol

      Preprocessing directives are lines in your program that begin with ‘#’. The ‘#’ is trailed by an identifier that is the directive name. For instance, ‘#define’ is the directive that defines a macro. Whitespace is likewise permitted when the ‘#’. A preprocessing directive can’t be more than one line in typical conditions. Some directive names require arguments.

      Some List of preprocessor directives :


      The Preprocessor forms the source program before it is passed to the compiler. The features that preprocessor offers are known as Preprocessor Directives.

      Nitesh Bavishiya

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