Inheritance In C++

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      How Many Types of Inheritance Are There In C++ Programming Language?

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      There are 5 types of Inheritance in C++.

      1) Single Inheritance
      2) Multiple Inheritance
      3) Hierarchical Inheritance
      4) Multilevel Inheritance
      5) Hybrid Inheritance (also known as Virtual Inheritance)

      Nitesh Bavishiya

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      The capability of a class to derive properties and characteristics from another class is called Inheritance. Inheritance is one of the most important feature of Object Oriented Programming.
      Sub Class: The class that inherits properties from another class is called Sub class or Derived Class.
      Super Class:The class whose properties are inherited by sub class is called Base Class or Super class.

      // C++ program to demonstrate implementation
      // of Inheritance

      #include <bits/stdc++.h>
      using namespace std;

      //Base class
      class Parent
      int id_p;

      // Sub class inheriting from Base Class(Parent)
      class Child : public Parent
      int id_c;

      //main function
      int main()

      Child obj1;

      // An object of class child has all data members
      // and member functions of class parent
      obj1.id_c = 7;
      obj1.id_p = 91;
      cout << “Child id is ” << obj1.id_c << endl;
      cout << “Parent id is ” << obj1.id_p << endl;

      return 0;

      Child id is 7
      Parent id is 91

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      c is a basic programing language. this is help to us to read any language

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