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      What Is The Difference Between HTML And XHTML?

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      The Extensible Hypertext Markup Language, or XHTML, is a markup language that has indistinguishable profundity of articulation from HTML yet, in addition, complies with XML linguistic structure. XHTML is “the advanced variant of HTML 4”. The thing that matters is that XHTML depends on XML while HTML depends on SGML

      XHTML represents Extensible HyperText Markup Language.
      XHTML is practically indistinguishable to HTML 4.01.
      XHTML is a stricter and cleaner form of HTML.
      XHTML is HTML characterized as a XML application.
      XHTML is upheld by every major browser.
      XHTML is case sensitive.


      1) Start tags are not required for each element.
      2) End tags are not required for each element.
      3) Only void element, for example, br, img, and link might act naturally “self-closed” with/>.
      4) Tags and attributes are case-insensitive.
      5) Attributes shouldn’t be quoted.
      6) Some characteristics might be unfilled, (for example, checked and crippled).
      7) Special characters, or elements, don’t need to be getting away.
      8) The document must incorporate an HTML5 DOCTYPE.


      1) All element must have a start tag.
      2) Non-void elements with a start tag must have an end tag (p and li, for instance).
      3) Any element might act naturally “self-closed” utilizing/>.
      4) Tags and attributes are case sensitive, ordinarily lowercase.
      5) Attribute values must be enclosed in quotes.
      6) Empty attributes are forbidden (checked must instead be 2) checked=”checked” or checked=”true”).
      7) Special characters must be circumvented utilizing character substances.
      8) XHTML documents must be very much shaped.

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