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      What is the scope of big data analyst in India?

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      Well, the scenario for the increasing role of Big Data based applications in business operations is quite assuring. Simply imagine the scenario of Aadhar card data, which is stored and processed in big data frameworks. All this aadhar data is now actively used by multiple services like telecom area, banking services, income tax services and where not!
      To do the tracking in real time we need techniques on big data analytics, so that means the opportunity for professionals intending to work in this big data analytics domain is vast.
      So you can start developing the relevant skills in Hadoop, Spark, No SQL technologies, Machine learning & Analytics domains, so that you can target the current in-demand jobs in any data-driven industry or company.

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      How to start a career in Big Data?

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      There is high demand for Big Data professionals and they need skilled people. If you are planning to make a career in Big Data, you should be really passionate about it.
      First, start learning Hadoop and whatever is required for it as Hadoop is the most popular technology in Big Data. I would recommend you to start self-learning with material available online. Good quality of video tutorial is available online. Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, Hive, Scala these are the important and basic topics you should start with.

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      What are the jobs available in big data analytics?

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      If you are a software engineer it will be easy for you to switch on data science as most of the work involves in programming and analysis.
      The field you can choose:
      1. Business intelligence analyst
      The work is to analyze the data and clearing out where the company stands
      2. Data Architect:
      3. Data mining engineer:
      Data mining engineer also analyze the data and create an algorithm to build a further data analyzation in future.
      4. Senior data scientist:
      Senior data scientist further analysis the business future needs. Their task is to solve a highly complex business problem efficiently. Though they are much more experience their skills helps a company to drive it further with new standards.

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      What should someone focus on to start a data analyst career path?

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      Focus more on getting good at solving problems. It should your main focus for a data analyst career path. SQL is the foundation if everything. Most of the analysis job need some data extraction.
      The second tool to focus on is the development language. Here Python can be your answer. You’ll not get any real experience until you solve the real-life problem.
      The other aspect is machine learning. If you work at a very big company with a massive amount of data then you have to familiarize your self with some machine learning methods. It means you need to know some words like K-nearest, random forest and a few others.
      Another aspect is data visualization and communication.
      Visualization is important if you want to learn tools for data visualization.
      If you are work at a smaller company, you might need to have a good knowledge of software engineering because you’ll handle a lot of activities like data logging.
      Advance Microsoft Excel- One of the most important and useful tools for the analyst.
      Tableau- Tableau lets you import data from Excel or database and create custom visualization.

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