3D Animation As a Career

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      Is there more career opportunities in 3D animation?

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      Of course, but for that, you need a great passion for art. For that, you can prefer to study animation and multimedia. The animation industry is growing at a very vast space.
      Work opportunities for animators and related experts like graphic designers, multimedia developers, game developers, character designers, keyframe animators, 3D modelers, layout artists exists in below sectors like:
      -Film Industry
      -Video Game
      -Online Print News or Media

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      Some great benefits of having a career in 3D animation?

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      If you have a serious interest in 3d animation than I must you have a great future in it.
      The animation is like entertainment. The more you entertain people the more you will learn and of course earn.
      But for that, you need some training. Only trained animators are capable of creating charming special effects as we view on the screen.
      Main Benefit:
      A successful web page animation is sure to attract millions of viewers from all over the world. And everybody knows that fame is more than money.

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      Some reasons that animation design is a popular career choice

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      1. Almost every business needs animation, either it can be for advertising or can be for a different purpose.
      2. Maybe an only person who always enjoyed his/her work.
      3. Being more creative and idealistic.
      4. A high future scope/demandable in future.

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      What is a good way to start an animation career?

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      – First, You need to have very good visual representation skills like sketching, drawing, painting, illustration. Also, need to be a good storyteller.
      -As an animator, you have to wait for a little longer to see your sparkling future. It’s not as easy as other careers.
      -My suggestion is to get in touch with professionals.
      -The best way to gain experience is by start animating, whether it be digital 2D, 3D or traditional hand-drawn animation. The more you animate, the more you build up your holdings.

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      Which is better to learn, graphic design or animation?

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      Graphic Design will give you a solid ground in visual design across many different mediums and can be carried into a career in animation, film, television etc.
      However, Graphic Design is not for everyone. If you’re not excited to design everything from grain boxes to Brand Style Guides for large corporations and prefer things like character design and bringing characters to life, Animation might be more for you.
      If you’re into motion graphics and moving text etc more than character animation then a foundation in Graphic design will really help you.

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      Do animators have to be skilled at drawing?

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      It depends. If you are interested in the story boarding and character development side of animation, or simply in 2d animation than drawing is an important skill to have. If you are more interested in the computer side and how to create things digitally, then you will suffice without drawing. But in general, I think most animators are also talented artists.

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      Future scope of 3D animation in India.

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      If I talk about the current state then there is a scope to start your own freelance work if you undergo the right vfx course. You can even choose to work in some small or big animation companies, film-making studios. The thing is just starting to gain experience in a real-world environment. As you’ll have more experience, your skills will be strengthened and you’ll get learned more and more. Based on the current trend, the future of 3D animation looks so bright.

      The demand for animators is so high in fields such as mobile game development, app development. And the demand will be increased in these fields. The thing is, there are some points you need to keep in mind like getting training from the right institute, choose to work in an environment, no matter it is small or big, that gives you the chance to grow up and prove your capabilities.

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      What is the best career option after doing an animation course?

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      Animation is present and future of Information technology. It’s a very good choice if you want to make a career in it.
      The opportunities are not as wide as other fields but if you really want to pursue a career in it then you can definitely find a lot of career options.
      Like, Paint Artist, Color Key Artist, 2D Paint Artist, 3D Modeling Artist, Editor, Effects Artist, Visual Effects Artist, IT software companies, Matte Painting Artist, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist and a lot is there.

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