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  • Course Curriculum

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  • Section 1 - Overview
    Facts About C
    Why Use C?
    C Programs
  • Section 2 - Enviorment Setup
    Local Environment Setup
    Installation On UNIX/Linux
    Installation On Mac OS
    Installation On Windows
  • Section 3 - Program Structure
    Hello World Example
    Compile And Execute C Program
  • Section 4 - Basic Syntax
    Tokens In C
    Whitespace In C
  • Section 5 - Data Types
    Integer Types
    Floating-Point Types
    The void Type
  • Section 6 - Variables
    Variable Definition In C
    Variable Declaration In C
    Lvalues and Rvalues In C
  • Section 7 - Constants And Literals
    Integer Literals
    Floating-Point Literals
    Character Constants
    String Literals
    Defining Constants
  • Section 8 - Storage Class
    The Auto Storage Class
    The Register Storage Class
    The Static Storage Class
    The Extern Storage Class
  • Section 9 - Operators
    Arithmetic Operators
    Relational Operators
    Logical Operators
    Bitwise Operators
    Assignment Operators
    Misc Operators ↦ sizeof & ternary
    Operators Precedence In C
  • Section 10 - Decision Making
    If Statement
    If…Else Statement
    If Else If Else Statement
    Nested If Statements
    Switch Statement
    Nested Switch Statements
    The ? : Operator:
  • Section 11 - Loops
    while Loop
    For Loop
    Do…While Loop
    Nested Loops
    Loop Control Statements
    Break Statement
    Continue Statement
    Goto Statement
    The Infinite Loop
  • Section 12 - Functions
    Defining A Function
    Function Declarations
    Calling A Function
    Function Arguments
    Call By Value
    Call By Reference
  • Section 13 - Scope Rules
    Local Variables
    Global Variables
    Formal Parameters
    Initializing Local And Global Variables
  • Section 14 - Arrays
    Declaring Arrays
    Initializing Arrays
    Accessing Array Elements
    Arrays In Detail
  • Section 15 - Pointers
    What Are Pointers?
    How To Use Pointers?
    NULL Pointers
    Pointers in Detail
  • Section 17 - Structures
    Defining A Structure
    Accessing Structure Members
    Structures As Function Arguments
    Pointers To Structures
    Bit Fields
  • Section 18 - Unions
    Defining A Union
    Accessing Union Members
  • Section 19 - Bit Fields
    Bit Field Declaration
  • Section 20 - Typedef
    Typedef vs #Define
  • Section 21 - Input And Output
    The Standard Files
    The getchar() and putchar() Functions
    The gets() and puts() Functions
    The scanf() and printf() Functions
  • Section 22 - File I/O
    Opening Files
    Closing a File
    Writing A File
    Reading A File
    Binary I/O Functions
  • Section 23 - Preprocessors
    Preprocessors Examples
    Predefined Macros
    Preprocessor Operators
    Parameterized Macros
  • Section 24 - Headers File
    Include Syntax
    Include Operation
    Once-Only Headers
    Computed Includes
  • Section 25 - Type Casting
    Integer Promotion
    Usual Arithmetic Conversion
  • Section 26 - Error Handling
    Errno, Perror(), And Strerror()
    Divide By Zero Errors
    Program Exit Status
  • Section 27 - Recursion
    Number Factorial
    Fibonacci Series
  • Section 29 - Memory Management
    Allocating Memory Dynamically
    Resizing and Releasing Memory
  • Section 30 - Command Line Arguments
    Command Line Arguments

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