23rd Aug 2019

Why Should You Consider Android App Development as Your Final Year Project?

Why Should You Consider Android App Development as Your Final Year Project?

Nowadays, students select a mobile application to craft their project for the final year which is the right thing to do because major projects do revolve around mobile technology and the fact that many students would like to begin their careers as mobile application developers, thus justifying this selection. Android platform has grown exponentially in terms of size and technology in the past few years.

The Android app is the best project to write on with aspirations directed towards becoming an Android mobile app developer. Android is the most versatile Operating System in the U.S. market today with over 52 % of mobiles running on Android Applications. Android is used for stand alone as well ae server based hybrid mobile phone system implementation.

Android applications are also conducive for project based work because android app development needs extensive knowledge of Java language over which the students have acquired mastery in the final year of their studies. Hence it is easily conceivable for students.

Android is easy to understand and holds the most flexible environment to complete your project work with some of the following guidelines to operate on.

Android will give you an open environment which will allow you to publish the data in one application and push it through to another application to work on.

Google’s rewarding focus on keeping Android Apps updated which provides you with the masterful development kit or call it the resourceful development tool; the SDK development kit (Software Development Kit). This helps you create an exclusive and innovative application.

The different applications coming under two manufacturers can find one app to service it, the Android App which finds itself comfortable to bring unique design to the table. This indicates that with the Android App, you can create a unique application of your choice without any limitations in design considerations.

The Android Application that you develop will find the audience through Google Play Store. It is as easy as done to bring your app to the public eye. Once you’re done with your project, just present the submission to college and with that over, you could upload it on google play store. No licensing, no approval required. It’s just as easy as that! Over and above, if your app hits the bull’s eye, you could earn yourself some money down the line.

This is one of the golden attractions of developing an android app. You just need to upload it on Google Play Store and if you are lucky, you might become rich overnight. The exclusive advantages of developing an Android App is that you don’t need to scale up your expertness in any more languages, so no sitting awake through the night to mug up an extra computer software language.

Furthermore, there are many companies that are into developing mobile apps using Android and giving training in these to final year students, which will make things easier for you. As android has flourished beyond imagination, it comes full of mind-blowing opportunities worth delving into.

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