8th Feb 2019

Why Android Development is a Promising Career Option?

Why Android Development is a Promising Career Option?

Has it ever come to your mind to study anything that has to do with software development? Or you have to appreciate those applications on your mobile phones whenever you use them. Or you have the ability to add or change a feature from the most popular Android apps. Then I want to suggest to you to consider a profession in the world of Android development. With the technicalities in it, you need a reputable training institute to learn it if you must take it as a career. These different institutes where they offer top website designing courses, social media training courses, PHP certification course, web development courses also offer android development courses where you will not only learn how to become a professional android developer but also get certified in it. And if you have not considered all these, you might want to ask why you should consider it as a career. I will be sharing with you some reasons why choosing a career as an Android developer is a promising one.

Firstly, Android has become a major part of our daily activities and most smartphone users prefer going for those with Android operating system. And because of this, a great number of opportunities are there for Android developers to work in one capacity or the other. And there is a report that there are almost 2 billion monthly active devices with Android worldwide, and so picking a career in Android development is a promising career option. As an android developer, you can create new apps and improve on any of the over 2 million apps in the Google Play Store.

Also, as an android developer, you make use of your wisdom and imaginations in shaping our digital world thereby making you one of the main characters of the information technology era.

Lastly, Android apps development is a fast growing sector which is projected to have economic growth of almost 20% in the next decade providing over 130 thousand new jobs. So I can conveniently say that Android development is the future and taking android development courses is a promising career option.

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