10th Apr 2020

Web Designing: Which Is Better, Classroom Training or Virtual Training?

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Web Designing: Which Is Better, Classroom Training or Virtual Training?

We are in an era where everything has reached digital platforms. Every business is making the most of it by using digital platforms for promoting and selling their products/services. With the increasing demand of the people to learn at their own time and pace, even the education industry couldn’t just rely on classroom training.

Looking into this evolution, the Education Industry is moving towards virtual training programs and e-learning programs where the students can get trained from the comfort of their homes at their convenient time and pace. There are virtual training programs where a student is trained using video conferencing and there are various platforms where the videos of various courses are uploaded, and students can learn from them.

Classroom Training is a traditional way of learning and the students need to be present in a classroom where the training is imparted. Virtual Training is provided through video conferencing to students from the comfort of their homes.

Every coin has two sides and it mostly depends on the individual which side of the coin he prefers to see. The various aspects on which they can be compared are as below:

Effectiveness: Even when delivering the same content, the classroom teaching effectiveness has an upper hand over virtual teaching as face-to-face communication is the most effective way of communication. When teaching a web designing course or any course which requires a student to learn software, face-to-face communication is a better option as students get better guidance.

Interaction: Interaction level in-classroom training is much more than virtual training. Though the trainer/mentor is in a face-to-face conversation even in the virtual arena the engagement or interaction with the trainer is comparatively less. The training in a classroom takes place in a group and that makes it more interactive and engaging rather than in the virtual training where it’s more in isolation. In a course like a web designing where creativity is the key more the interaction regarding the ideas more beneficial is it for the student.

Convenience and Distractions: Virtual training is more convenient as it is from the comfort zone of your home and at your preferable timing. If any professional is looking to enhance his skill in any subject, he can enroll in a virtual training class where he can choose his preferable time. All that virtual training requires is a PC/laptop with a good internet connection. The distractions, in this case, are the issues faced in the resources like poor net connectivity and laptop not being in working condition. Classroom teachings have no flexibility in timings and need to be followed strictly. Every individual enrolling for classroom timing needs to adjust his activities as per the schedule and the distractions involve breaks and student interruption. Unnecessary interruption by one student can be a loss of time to a larger group.

Job Market: The job market still prefers students who go for classroom training than virtual training as there is a perception that the students who go for virtual training are not able to utilize their full potential. The scenario is changing gradually but however, it will take time.

Classroom teaching and virtual teaching have their own set of pros and cons. But classroom teaching becomes more effective in terms of trainer-student interactions and it’s very vital in the learning process. Virtual training is a boon to the one who already has a career and wants to add a skill set for their professional growth.

Though courses like a language skill or self-help training can be effective even with virtual training but with courses that require technical skills like programming, web designing it’s always good to opt for classroom training where you can be guided thoroughly during your entire session.

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