11th Mar 2018

Top 6 Resources to Learn Magento

Top 6 Resources to Learn Magento

Magento is the most popular ecommerce platforms used worldwide. It has advanced features and scalability that no other platform offers. Magento has been used to build lakhs of businesses around the globe.

Due to this we have seen a rise in the ecommerce web development learning among developers. Most of the developers are now turning to Magento and beginners want to learn everything about it. Magento developers need to have sharpened skills to deliver to their clients what they are looking for and have a good knowledge on the subject. We have listed below top 6 resources that can be used to learn Magento:

Official Documentations

Magento gives a free access to the code to the developers as it is an open source platform. This helps the developers in studying the code of each component and continue practicing by modifying it further. There is a lot of information available and developers can be benefited from it. Magento editions like community, enterprise, and cloud based platform have a lot to study about and all this is available to developers to study. Beginners as well as experts can use the valuable resources to know about new versions, notes, etc.

Magento’s Official User Guide

The user guide of Magento is the most authentic resource to study about Magento development, restructuring and customizing. It gives the first-hand knowledge of how Magento as an ecommerce platform is developed and how it works. This guide has been proven useful to the entire Magento community. It saves a lot of time for the developers as it has all the necessary information for them.

Read Magento Bloggers

The Magento bloggers keep an eye on the updates, recent developments and changes in platform. They also have recent case studies and can give statistics also. These blogs are governed by Magento certified developers and thus are reliable. It is beneficial to know the deep insights of Magento development through these blogs. Some of the popular blogs are Inchoo, Practical Ecommerce, Aheadworks, Magestore, etc.

Professional Courses

The professional courses can provide training and practical use of applications or software. It is not enough to study unless you have practiced it. The professional courses that give real world training with full knowledge on the subject are must for a Magento developer who is just starting out. They teach the framework and code in a way that correlates with the core functionality of the platform. There are both online and offline courses available. It is best to review the course outline and have a demo training session before selecting the Magento development training academy.

Open Source Theme and Extensions

Magento has a large community worldwide and it is helpful to a lot of developers and beginners. The developers create a lot of stunning themes and tools that achieve the purpose of creating ecommerce sites and applications. These extensions are open source and most of them are free to download. This means that a lot of developers can install, modify and configure a plugin easily.

Magento Books

Magento books are really helpful when you want to learn at your own pace. There are a lot of books available. There are comprehensive guides available and not all of them are expensive. It is easy to understand the fundamentals and how Magento works from the books but the knowledge is incomplete without practice.

Learning Magento is a continuous process as technology is changing at a fast pace and the developers will face challenge if they do not adapt to the changes. A developer must believe in professional development, acquiring new skills and being an active part of the community.

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