2nd Jan 2023

Top 10 Hacks a Digital Marketer Should Adopt for Strong Marketing Results

Top 10 Hacks a Digital Marketer Should Adopt for Strong Marketing Results

To run a perfect industry, every digital marketer in the twenty-first century should abandon old strategies and embrace fast-paced development. You will only be relevant if you hang around in the past. It would be best to educate yourself on solid digital marketing tactics to stay afloat.

It would be best if you searched for ways to improve yourself by operating in the presence of fall in line with updated information about the marketing industry in real-time. The new trend is being skilled and savvy as an online marketer. Here are ten hacks you should adopt if you want to be ahead of the digital marketing world.

1. Go in Search of Good Books, and Read Them

Go in Search of Good Books, and Read Them

It takes a lot for anyone to write a book that can be helpful in the marketing industry. Finding such books takes work. But when you get your hands on anything compiled by an expert to help you understand marketing wealth, never take it for granted. You can read books that simplify digital marketing theories, from real-life case studies to general ideas.

Even though general concepts can last longer, many books will not meet the upgraded standards once they have exceeded 6 to 12 months from their release date. Stay updated by looking out for new publications and keeping up with new editions. Some books that can help you include You Should Test That by Chris Goward, and The Art of SEO, by Stephan Spencer. You can also check out some great books at a digital marketing library.

2. Go through Blog Posts

While reading books is essential, reading blog posts can open your eyes to many industry-related things. Many marketers who have been around for longer than you often feel the need to share their knowledge, experience, opinions, and findings. They do not share this information by writing huge books but on different blogs that you can access easily. It will be wise for you to take advantage of this opportunity and learn new things that can help you. Experts suggest using news aggregators or RSS readers to assemble the sources for easy access.

The following are excellent sources where you can find the information you need to improve your digital marketing:

  • Shopify blog
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Marketing Land
  • Buffer blog
  • PPC Hero
  • Search Engine Watch

3. Keep Your Social Media Active

The online platform is one of the best places to boost your market’s sales. Social media is now a great tool in everyone’s life, as many people spend much of their browsing time on it. Aside from that, social media platforms assist many influential industries and groups allocate articles and resources. You can stay on track with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

4. Adopt Knowledge from Learning Platforms

Adopt Knowledge from Learning Platforms

If you want to remain a giant in anything you do, it would be best if you searched for knowledge at a learning center, where the information you need can be easily accessible. Many digital marketing centers have upgraded learning platforms where you can source specialized topics that will help you improve your marketing skills.

Here are a few centers that you might want to check out:

  • Google Partners Exam Study Center
  • Facebook Blueprint
  • Google Adwords Help Center
  • AB Tasty supports the library.
  • Bing Ads Courses
  • Google Analytics Academy

5. Have Industry-recognized Accreditation and Certification

One of the best ways to keep up with today’s digital marketing is by surrounding yourself with people who have proof of your skills, experience, and knowledge. Your familiarity with many advertising platforms can help you set a pace. Your certification gives you a marketability advantage and access to industry events, beta features, discounts, and more.

The following are top industry-recognized accreditations that you can obtain:

Bing Ads Accreditation

  • Google AdWords Certified Partner
  • DoubleClick Search Certification
  • Kenshoo Certification Program
  • AB Tasty Certification
  • Google Analytics Qualified Individual

6. Listen to Podcasts

Using apps like Stitcher or Pocket Casts, you will easily access essential bookmarks that help you listen to podcasts that describe specialized topics like search engine marketing and digital marketing. You can also listen to productivity hacks and internet entrepreneurship.

7. Subscribe to YouTube Channels

A YouTube channel is perfect for digital market growth because many people find videos to be more consumable. Among the many channels, YouTube has become the leading platform.

You can significantly benefit by subscribing to the following channels:

  • SMX conference videos
  • Official Google Analytics channel
  • Digital Marketing Institute channel
  • Official Google Adwords channel
  • the digital marketing power channel
  • Reef Digital Agency’s channel
  • DoubleClick Digital Marketing channel

8. Attend Industry Events

Attending an industry event exposes you to hearing the marketing opinions of industry leaders. You can gather updates on current developments, discover upgraded technologies, and learn about what is trending in the industry.

The following are some major industry events for online marketers:

  • ADMA (Advancing Analytics), Global Forum Online Retailer Conference
  • Mumbrella360
  • World Social Media Marketing Conference
  • ECommerce Expo

9. Attend Networking Events

The goal of having an outstanding business is to get connected with many people. So, when you need to build relationships through certain networking events, you must take advantage of the opportunity. Meet like-minded people who will help you stay motivated in the game. You can join some social media groups in your area if they organize networking events regularly. Also, join groups where you can mingle with marketing professionals to connect with them face-to-face.

10. Practice What You Have Adopted

Sometimes the best way to learn is simply by doing. Now that you know about different hacks that can help your business, the next big thing is to put into practice what you have learned. Practicing them can help you develop a level of understanding and knowledge that you can apply to make your business work better.


Many hacks can help you stand firm in the digital industry, from staying active on social media to reading books, listening to podcasts, attending essential business events, and subscribing to YouTube channels. You can take your business to the next level by implementing these hacks.

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