Which one is better? Automated Testing or Manual Testing

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      Which one is better? Automated Testing or Manual Testing? Kindly share views about it.

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      Hello Jinal,

      In manual testing test cases are performed manually. It means the test cases are executed manually, that is without any tools, scripts, and software. But with Automated scripting, the test cases are conducted with the help of tools, scripts, and software.

      Manual vs. Automated testing:
      Manual testing and automated testing both cover largely two areas. With each category, specific testing methods are available such as black box testing, white box testing, system testing, performance testing, and Load testing.

      Manual testing:
      – Manual testing is more apt to human error. Because the testing process is carried out by the developer himself.
      – Manual testing is time-consuming, taking up human resources.
      – Manual testing is only possible if the testing is carried out once or twice. Repetition of testing cases is hard to take for the tester.

      Automation testing:
      – Automation testing is much more reliable compared to manual testing as it was effectively performed by tools and scripts.
      – It was carried out using tools and scripts. So it will be much more efficient as compared to manual testing.
      – Automation testing is a practical option if the test cases are run repeatedly.
      – Automation testing does not give personal aid. So the testing cannot carry positive user experience.

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