What is Ip Datagram, Fragmentation & Mtu?

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      What is Ip Datagram, Fragmentation & Mtu?

      Pratik Nakrani

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      IP datagram: It can be used to define a portion of IP data. Each IP datagram has a set of fields organized in order. The order is specific which assists to decode and read the stream easily. IP datagram has fields like Version, header length, Type of service, Total length, checksum, flag, protocol, Time to live, Identification, source and destination IP address, padding, options, and payload.

      MTU: Maximum Transmission Unit is the size of the largest packet that a communication protocol can pass. The size can be fixed by some standard or determined at the time of connection

      Fragmentation: It is a process of breaking the IP packets into smaller pieces. Fragmentation is needed when the datagram is larger than the MTU. Each fragment becomes a datagram in itself and transmitted separately from source. When received by destination they are reassembled.

      Nitesh Bavishiya

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