What is Bug cycle?

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      What is Bug cycle?

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      New: When a new defect is logged and posted by the tester for the first time, it is assigned to the development manager in open status
      Assigned: Once the bug is posted by the tester, the development manager approves the bug and assigns the bug to the developer.
      Open: developer starts analyzing and works on the defect fix.
      Fixed: If a bug is a valid defect then, the development team will fix it.
      Retest: Tester does the retesting of the code at this stage to check whether the defect is fixed by the developer or not and changes the status to Re-test.
      Closed: If the bug is no longer exists then tester assigns the status “Closed.”
      Reopen: If the bug persists even after the developer has fixed the bug, the tester changes the status to “reopened”. Once again the bug goes through the life cycle.
      Not a bug: If it does not affect the functionality of the application then the status assigned to a bug is “Not a bug”.

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