Life cycle methods to call AJAX

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      What are the life cycle methods of a component in React and in which life cycle method service calls (Ajax) Used to get data?

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      Lifecycle Methods – componentWillMount is performed before rendering, on both server and client side.

      componentDidMount is performed after the first render only on the client side. This is where AJAX calls and DOM or state updates should occur. This method is also employed for integration with other JavaScript frameworks and any functions with delayed execution like setTimeout or setInterval. We are practicing it to update the state so we can trigger the other lifecycle methods. componentWillReceiveProps is requested as soon as the props are updated before another render is called. We triggered it from setNewNumber when we refreshed the state.

      shouldComponentUpdate should return a true or false value. This will define if the component will be updated or not. This is set to true by default. If you are sure that component doesn’t need to render after state or props are updated, you can return a false value.

      componentWillUpdate is called just before rendering.

      componentDidUpdate is called just after rendering.

      componentWillUnmount is requested after the component is unmounted from the dom. We are unmounting our component in main.js. We commonly do the service calls in componentDidMount.

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