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      What are the basic skills required in web development Internship?

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      It is safe to say that websites are our new library.

      From e-commerce, education, entertainment to promotional and information-based, we come over so many websites every day. But do you know who writes each and every page of the books we call websites?

      Yes, the web developers! Once it is cleared

      When it comes to web development, you should know the following basics things which are required today

      1. You must know HTML and CSS

      2. You must know Javascript and Jquery

      3. You must know Web Designing

      4. You must know how to develop a responsive website(mobile website)

      5. You must know PHP

      If you are good at using frameworks like Bootstrap, Materialize CSS and If you have also knowledge about WordPress and Joomla will get an edge over other applicants now it will be an advantage for your position in web developing.

      These are some very basics but at the same time very major things you should know when starting the Web Development industry.

      Hope this helps you.

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