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      How do you troubleshoot android application which is crashing frequently?

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      Given below are the few steps that we need to follow while troubleshooting the crashing issue:

      Free up memory space: Hardly a limited space available on the mobile devices for mobile apps. To avoid this issue or memory related issue, you need to first reduce the memory space.

      Clear app data usage: You can wipe the app data using the Application Manager under “Settings”. This will wipe the cache memory and allow some free space to install another app or it will boost up your current app.

      Memory Management: Some apps run well on one type of mobile device but the same app may not work on another type of device as for such devices the processing power, memory management, and CPU speed is different. For any app to run properly on any type of mobile device, you should handle the memory on the device.

      Compatibility issue: It is always not expedient to test a mobile app on all mobile devices, browsers, operating systems etc. So you need to test your mobile app on as many mobile devices as you can in order to avoid any compatibility issue.

      Nitesh Bavishiya

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