SVG V/S Canvas Tags

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      What is the Difference Between SVG and Canvas tags?

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      SVG is XML based, which implies that each element is accessible inside the SVG DOM. In the event that traits of an SVG object are changed, the browser can naturally re-render the shape. Canvas draws 2D designs, on the fly (with a JavaScript). Canvas is rendered pixel by pixel.


      1) Vector-based (made out of shapes)
      2) Multiple graphical elements, which turn out to be a piece of the DOM.
      3) Modified through content and CSS.
      4) Give better execution with fewer items or bigger surface, or both.
      5) Better versatility — can be printed with high caliber at any resolution.


      1) Raster-based (made out of a pixel)
      2) Single HTML element like img tag in conduct.
      3) Modified through content as it were.
      4) Give better execution with the littler surface or bigger number of items, or both.
      5) Poor versatility — not appropriate for imprinting on higher resolution.

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